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Monogatari Series: Second Season

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Aug 8, 2019
Elfezen (All reviews)
The Monogatari series has alluring storylines in every instalment and the vampiric environment makes the setting very immersive. The fate of Araragi is satisfying as he keeps both vampire and human natures while the appariton dimensions will always interact with the mortal dimensions, also each of the respective characters that form bonds with Araragi follow interesting and symbolic concepts through the appariton spirits especially Hanekawa always takes the spotlight with her majestic style and nekomimi appearance. Shinobu serves as the core aspect of Monogatari as it is the catalyst for the vampire nature of the setting and also a very iconic figurine and idol. Hitagi read more
Sep 24, 2020
Artsan (All reviews)
I don't question everyone's criticisms - I confess I was lazy reading them all. Only I do not agree with this argument at all. The series is beautiful, it's true. I was attracted by the promotional images, that's true too. However, to consider it a beautiful work only for that reason is degrading, for two reasons. The first one, even if it stays in the visual realm, is that Shaft, beyond the set and the characters, does a very big job on symbolism. To say "it's beautiful" is to completely miss these shots and a good portion of the anime.
The second reason concerns what makes read more

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