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Monogatari Series: Second Season

*This is a digital eBook, not a physical book.


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Oct 2, 2021
Fguyretftgu7 (All reviews)
Ah yes, the second season. This is the Monogatari series at its absolute best, with almost every book in this season being at least a 9/10.

Before I start though, to newcomers who have yet to read it, The Monogatari series has a really confusing timeline, and this season is when it starts to show. I wouldn't say that reading it in the published order is wrong, but I believe that reading Onimonogatari right after Kabukimonogatari and reading Otorimonogatari right before Koimonogatari would make for a less jarring experience, though it's not a must.

Anyways, right back to the review. The second season is where the read more
Mar 28, 2022
abystoma2 (All reviews)
Second Season of Monogatari Series retains all the things that made the first one great. That is honestly all the info you need about if you’re considering you’re considering whether to continue the series or not. As much as it applies, I will not waste your time by repeating by review for the First Season, so feel free to read that if you’re not sure what even makes the series good in the first place. Following is more of a bits of thoughts specifically about the Second Season.

First of all, Second Season is the one with most variable narrators, and that is great. Suruga, Kaiki, read more

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