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We Must Never Fall in Love!

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Dec 18, 2018
Leyren (All reviews)
It's an enjoyable school romance manga, with a decent pacing so far (Chapter 8).

The story is about Kaede and Sakura, who one day become step-siblings. On top of that, they are of the same age and are in the same class in highschool. This will of course lead to a lot of awkwardness between them as potential "forbidden" feelings arise between the two step-siblings.

Characterwise it is nothing special. There is nearly no focus on side-characters yet, apart from accompanying the main characters in their lives. In their school lives, both characters are pretty normal, so none of them are total outcasts or super popular.

Kaede read more
Dec 28, 2021
fr8nx (All reviews)
Generally, this story is about step-siblings falling for each other after they start living with each other. Although the story isn't original and similar storylines are usually pretty shallow and mostly promote sexual content, the flow of the story and the actions of the main characters are actually pretty lax and not rushed. Although the female MC is the typical type who commonly gets themselves into trouble and overthinks everything, it does not interfere with the writing of the story and it is not in a way that makes her annoying. On the other hand, the main reason this manga is a little better compared read more

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