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You're My Pet

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Feb 12, 2009
Shugocharalover (All reviews)
This is one of the best underrated manga’s I have seen in a long time, so I hope my review can convince you to buy or read online such a masterpiece.

-Spoiler Free-

A misunderstood Sumire finds a homeless boy in a cardboard box outside of her apartment complex. It isn't the most gripping start but don't be fooled to think that this is its basis, instead of being a typical manga that follows a weak female character and a hot male this goes in a completely different direction. Sumire is strong and Momo is quirky and funny, with this they build a good friendship that is read more
Oct 14, 2009
PartiaL (All reviews)
A pet is someone that will accept you for all that you are weaknesses, strengths, and all the other quirky things wrong with you. Sumire is a woman with a pet that does exactly that, and her pet Momo whole heartedly fills that role.

What you get from Kimi wa Petto is a well written and complex story about people trying to find a place in life. It's filled with likeable characters and interesting stories and situations. At times it will have you smiling and laughing to Sumire and Momo's strange interactions and at othertimes it will give you the chance to read more

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