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Dec 31, 2009
The Hating Girl is a strange manga in that it’s a silly light hearted series that deals with many harsh realities. Arrows reside in skulls, nose hairs attack, and things like architecture can cause an erection. At the same time it somehow manages to put forth real emotions and characters.

With chapters averaging 8-10 pages, for the most part the series is episodic with each chapter telling a short story. Certain stories will span multiple chapters when the situation calls for it, but the bulk of the series is the single chapter stories.

At the heart of this series is Asumi a girl who read more
Oct 25, 2009
Eensy-Weensy Monster is a cute and funny romantic comedy about the little character traits inside all of us (think Shugo Chara). The little apparitions in this story never have physical forms but they're very much a part of the characters.

The lovely part of this story is in the way it's presented. It's not a one-sided love-story, but rather it gives the perspectives of both parties in the story. This gives some scenes greater depth and allows us to get to know and understand the two main characters.

To compliment the story were well written and thought out characters. The two main characters began read more
Oct 14, 2009
A pet is someone that will accept you for all that you are weaknesses, strengths, and all the other quirky things wrong with you. Sumire is a woman with a pet that does exactly that, and her pet Momo whole heartedly fills that role.

What you get from Kimi wa Petto is a well written and complex story about people trying to find a place in life. It's filled with likeable characters and interesting stories and situations. At times it will have you smiling and laughing to Sumire and Momo's strange interactions and at othertimes it will give you the chance to read more
Feb 10, 2009
If you're looking for something unique and original Go watch this show. When I say original and unique i dont mean artsy or psycologically significant. Its just a strangely funny and entertaing show. Most anybody can really appreciate the humor in this show.

It is a Slice of life, so most of the story is just the day to day events of a boy, his classmates, and his weird little chibi monster thing.

The art works well with the story and has a nice watercolor look to it. The design of Potemayo and Guchiko are mind numbingly cute.

No complaints. I thought Potemayo's voice was read more
Nov 4, 2008
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I'd have to say this is a personal favorite of mine. As a one shot manga I found this to be very emotional and heartwarming.

The story is about a father and his daughter, because it is a one shot manga i wont go further into the story as that may ruin it. It is a very good story.

I thought the art for this was very well drawn, not blow your mind or anything but still very well drawn. I liked the detail put into the two main characters and their character design. The side characters seem to have less attention to them, read more
Nov 2, 2008
Pochiyama at the Pharmacy is a slice of life one shot manga that is strangely intriguing, but leaves us seemingly empty handed.

What we get to experience is an episode and interaction in the life of Pochiyama and a normal highschool age boy Taki. The story is basically non existant, but what makes it interesting though is the weird habits of Pochiyama. I found her character to be the best part of this work.

In the end it feels like a chance meeting of what could've been an interesting relationship, but i suppose that is the problem with most one-shots.

It's a real short story so read more