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Interviews with Monster Girls

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Aug 7, 2016
Erik_The_Red (All reviews)
This is a manga I highly recommend.
The manga goes from the cute and lighthearted describing various interactions with the demis to trying to describe what real and somewhat heavy problems demis face in the world. Takahashis passion to research demis is one of the driving forces and one I find enjoyable.
All characters are likeable and has distinct personalities and they interact very well with eachother.
The tone in this manga is different to many mangas with a school setting I have read. At first I was afraid it would devolve into a harem but such fears have luckily not been made true. The read more
Jan 15, 2017
Nezperdian (All reviews)
If you like monster girls, then probably you would enjoy this manga.

Story (7/10): There's nothing deep, since it has comedy and school tags. It resolves around a profesor, who's really interested about demi-humans, as he meets them and learns about their difficulties with society.
And while I said "monster girls", it's not the same here. Demi-humans shares some traits from the monster's counterpart, but their mindset are those of a human.
This is not a harem. So you can rest at ease if you were worried about that.

Art (6/10): Nothing complex. Quite simple when it comes to backgrounds and the face of the professor. But, when it read more

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