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Interviews with Monster Girls

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Aug 7, 2016
Erik_The_Red (All reviews)
This is a manga I highly recommend.
The manga goes from the cute and lighthearted describing various interactions with the demis to trying to describe what real and somewhat heavy problems demis face in the world. Takahashis passion to research demis is one of the driving forces and one I find enjoyable.
All characters are likeable and has distinct personalities and they interact very well with eachother.
The tone in this manga is different to many mangas with a school setting I have read. At first I was afraid it would devolve into a harem but such fears have luckily not been made true. The read more
Oct 17, 2019
GGShang (All reviews)
Interviews with Monster Girls is like a cuter version of Assassination Classroom.

The plot is focused around a teacher and his interactions with his three demi students and demi coworker. Demi's are a term used to describe human-like creatures like vampires, succubi and dullahans. It's fairly slice of life, with fairly regular high school events happening, with a bit of deeper thought on the demis sprinkled in here and there. If you look at it thematically, it's really just a story talking about fitting in to society even if you're different and about embracing what makes you similar yet unique from others. It's nothing ever too read more

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