May 18, 2019
Franck_Nicolas (All reviews)
I m writing a review on this because i do not agree with the only review existing at the moment from Erik the Red.

This manga is about a teacher called Takahashi who met for the first time demi humans, and they are his new students (they are different from normal humans, there is a vampire for exemple) As Erik the Red said, Takahashis passion to research demis is one of the driving forces of the manga however apart from that, there is no real story (feels more like a slice of life story)

The manga is indeed cute and lighthearted. There s some soft comedy in it too, however i didn t laughed reading the manga. I did while watching the anime though (just saying)

I like the design and behaviour of the different characters. Sometimes they are too childish for me though, since i m an adult. However thanks to the adult characters (the teachers) i could enjoy the manga. I sometimes skipped the part when they were only the demis involved.

Erik the red said "The tone in this manga is different to many mangas with a school setting" i dont agree with that. I feel like this is a really generic manga in a school setting. And it doesn t really reach a mature audience. I am 21 years old and in my opinion i could have appreciated this manga more if i was five or six years old younger.

The only thing that could make the manga special is that it talks about discrimination and integration into society. Don t expect deep thoughts so.

I put a 6/10 on story, art, enjoyment, and 7/10 for the characters.