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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card

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Jul 29, 2017
Ezekiel_01 (All reviews)
My First Manga Preview. Manga First Impression No.1

The continuation of the one most beloved magical girl franchise title "Card Captor Sakura", Took place 2 years after the events of the initial series. In these new chapters, Sakura is now attending middle school along with familiar faces from the previous. The story started where the original manga left off and that’s the copacetic reunion of Sakura and Syaoran.

For over the course of time some changes are indeed present that made the sequel consistent towards the prequel. One such thing is the maturity of some characters and the interaction of syaoran and sakura read more
Dec 7, 2023
mirandans (All reviews)
Preliminary Spoiler
Making a CardCaptor Sakura sequel... Where the protagonist is not the CardCaptor Sakura herself!

At the begining, clearcard had an interresting proposal, although quiet unoriginal. The Sakura Cards dissapears, and She starts creating new cards as a result of her powers increasing. That's not something new, but We are so happy to see our best girl again that We can easily brush this repetitive plot. What is hard to shallow is... The plot not focusing on Sakura at all.

Introduced on this sequel, Akiho and Kaito are good characters. They are surrounded in a mystery that made up an interresting story. But, when you plan on using read more

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