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Fairy Tail Zero

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Jul 16, 2015
zedriccoil (All reviews)
To every Fairy Tail fan out there, this is a must read. I was thrilled when I found out that there was a spin off on Mavis, she in my opinion is the most adorable character in the whole series.
My hopes were high, but I came to see how Fairy Tail was actually formed. The manga tackles the recurring issue of 'Friendship' in this spin off too, but with a new cast of characters. Till chapter 12, Mavis along with Precht Gaebolg the second guild master, Yury Dreyar the father of Makarov and Warrod Sequen one of the magic saints.
The manga brings new and read more
Jan 14, 2016
Zero4869 (All reviews)
I'm NOT a fan of the Fairy Tail series.
In fact it's the only series I've tried to stay away from simply because in my opinion Natsu is a boring character that doesn't capture the right feeling for a series like Fairy Tail.
On the other hand Mavis does!

I read Chapter 1 like months ago just because my friend said it was worth it.
Mavis is such an incredible character!
Her terrible story is beautifully written and the twist ending adds and develops her amazing character.
Sure if I was an active fan of FT I would have exploded from this series since it explained and read more

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