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Dec 19, 2015
By far the underdog of this season, Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry exceeded my expectations. The weak and generic start can put off a lot of people. Where as many will simply discard it as another addition to the list of ever growing bad harem anime.
But that will be a grave mistake, because amongst the bad shows the good ones get disregarded.
Such is the case with Rakudai Kishi.

Story wise, it does not do much different, a school setting where students are called Blazers and they battle in selection matches to be selected in the Nationals. Nothing new here, the change arrives with the introduction of read more
Aug 14, 2015
Let me review this anime as shortly and precisely as possible. Mayo Chiki is based on a light novel so it is a no surprise that the anime adaption is not complete and ends without a definite conclusion. By going through the synopsis, you probably know the premise, so I am not going to bother with that.
First of all, cross dressing characters in an anime series is nothing new, but few anime do this as skillfully as Mayo Chiki. It gives away with cookie cutter characters and provides a genuine character development. What I said about the characters is true for all except the read more
Jul 16, 2015
To every Fairy Tail fan out there, this is a must read. I was thrilled when I found out that there was a spin off on Mavis, she in my opinion is the most adorable character in the whole series.
My hopes were high, but I came to see how Fairy Tail was actually formed. The manga tackles the recurring issue of 'Friendship' in this spin off too, but with a new cast of characters. Till chapter 12, Mavis along with Precht Gaebolg the second guild master, Yury Dreyar the father of Makarov and Warrod Sequen one of the magic saints.
The manga brings new and read more
Jan 26, 2015
Romeo X Juliet, though the story borrows mostly from the Shakespeare’s story it is presented in a remarkably different way. The story has been changed a little in order to remove overly used cliché moments by making it a somewhat opaque. Due to the fact that this is an anime adaptation, it has been moulded to fit it, by offering mythical beast such as flying horse called Dragon Steeds.

Story: (9/10)

The story revolves around our two main characters Romeo and Juliet who are bounded by love but separated by fate. I am impressed on how the story is altered not entirely but in some parts to read more
Dec 25, 2014
I added B Gata H Kei in my "Plan to Watch" list when I found many recommendation regarding this anime. At first after reading the premise of this anime I was spectacle and unsure if its worth my time but it surely was!
Fan service, which I thought would be present in every frame is minimal, leaving out the first and the last few episodes. It doesn't feel like the show is teasing you but wants you to immerse and feel the feelings of Yamada itself.

....:::Story:::.... 6

The story is nothing special, its about a girl who wants to get laid! Seriously!
and have 100 sex friends, read more
Jul 7, 2014
Please teacher is one hell of a ride. This is a short anime with 12 evenly paced episodes with one OVA. The story is rather light and nice. The art style is good considering it came around 2003. Great character design and sounds. Though its a very good anime I preferred that the story should had gone further. There are many comic moments which will make you chuckle and many romantic moments sure to leave a impact on your mind. After 8 episodes the story takes more of a sad take which will make you shed a tear. The message in the show is really read more
Jul 6, 2014
Let me review this:
Story: 9
The story is dark and is little bit complicated. But its fast paced and really works out well. The back story of L and Light is not much told but it doesn't take the fun away. But still the story goes a little bit downhill after certain events, which in my thought could have been avoided by the creators. Over all its Good!

Art: 10
The art is just awesome for a 2007 anime.

Sound: 10
The theme song, L's theme, Light's theme, all are amazing, with awesome guitar work and synths!

Enjoyment: 10

Overall: 10
Its a must watch anime