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Attack on Titan: Lost Girls

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May 21, 2016
Miisaka10032 (All reviews)
At first I always wondered where the wikipedia got the idea about Annie's past about her father since in the anime there's only a glimpse of it. But then I read this.

I like it really. Since in both the anime and maga, Annie barely showed up. You'll just see her in the side, in the corner, standing alongside the others, other than she's not really noticed. Excluding the Female Titan part and the part where they are already hunting her down. She's pretty much got the spotlight.

What i mean is, this manga somehow centers on her. To show her side of the story and finally read more
Oct 23, 2021
abystoma2 (All reviews)
Enjoyable side story, among the better manga spin-offs to a popular franchise. Well, I say manga, but it’s a bit more complicated – the first two stories were originally short visual novels bundled as a bonus with blu-ray of Attack on Titan series. The 3rd story was included in a book compilation of novelization of the previous two stories. So this is really part visual part light novel adaptation side story.

Anyway, you want to hear about the content, right? The stories are about the titular lost girls – Annie and Mikasa, arguably fan favourites among the female part of the cast.

The first story is read more

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