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Shinobi Life

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Jan 12, 2009
chichiriNoDa (All reviews)
Ninja in a Shoujo genre? You don't read that often in these sort of series.

In my own opinion, most of shoujo series often revolves around in school. You got your typical popular main character then for some reason most of the entire campus have a crush on them. Others would form a club that protects him/her and if you are unworthy to get the attention of these popular people you'll be threaten and be bullied etc.... So this series is a nice change from the usual stuff.

Kagetora is a ninja who for unknown reason ended up in the future where he meets a girl that read more
May 11, 2015
A_inWonderland (All reviews)
This manga is profoundly different in so many ways. Yet in some way reminiscent. While enjoyable to read it went by far to quickly.

The time travel was one of the best parts about this manga. It made me consistently have to think about where the characters where in time. The quickly established relationships between the characters evolved smoothly, even with the time travel. I enjoyed watching these characters grow.

This manga is far too short, I for one wished there was more!

I highly recommend this for a quick, romantic, action packed read!

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