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Our Precious Conversations

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Sep 20, 2020
sushiisawesome (All reviews)
Our Precious Conversations is a series about two characters drawing closer to each other as the name would imply, but there's a lot more nuance than one would expect on a closer look. While much of the series is focused on comedy between the various leads on gags, a lot of what makes it work are the two main characters' genuine reactions to each other's blunders - exaggeration is often kept to a minimum, and characters often progress subtly after jokes as to not repeat those blunders again.

The series emphasizes distance as its main motif, with panels often laying out the closeness or separation read more
Oct 7, 2020
todiefor (All reviews)
here's my problem with series' like this one. what's ... the point? i'm fairly certain that question was even addressed in one of the early chapters of the manga. "what's the point of shoujo manga? it's all just romance over and over again. how boring." and like... yeah. that's true. it does get boring to read tons of shoujo manga at a certain point. however, i'd take a hundred lovely complexs over this. hell, i'm not sure i could finish this if someone forced me to at gunpoint.

it's... so... BORING. i'm sure it picks up some after the point i decided to drop it read more

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