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Sweat and Soap

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Nov 2, 2021
dadnaya (All reviews)
This manga is one huge journey, one that shouldn't be brushed off due to its weird first few chapters.

What we get throughout this manga is a somewhat slow yet steady development between our main leads. They start going out rather early and hit the "relationship goals" once in a while, in a very satisfactory manner.

On top of that, both characters really do feel like proper adults.
They communicate their feelings and their problems. They also sometimes can get annoyed with each other or even fight, but I love it that they will always seek to fix it by talking things out, saying everything out, and read more
Nov 18, 2020
pinkhearted (All reviews)
This manga has the cutest and most wholesome couple ever. Truly an underrated series, as this couple not only portrays one of the more realistic relationships I've read in manga, but also the most healthiest in terms of character progression and motivation.

To give a short summary, Ase to Sekken is a romance between Yaeshima Asako, an office worker who struggles with an excessive sweating problem, and Natori Koutaro, a man with a keen nose and smelling fetish, who also develops soaps for the same company Yaeshima works in.

At first glance, this manga sounds like something ecchi or hentai related. However, this is a read more

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