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Watari-kun's ****** Is about to Collapse

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Mar 23, 2016
tomateunmate (All reviews)
This is a review of an ongoing manga, it reflects my opinions up to chapter 11 but it can change later on if, you know, they fuck it up.

It has been a very long time since a harem story had me interested in it's outcome, and being able to generate that feeling should be more than enough to give it the highest marks in its genre. That wonder doesn't come from wanting to know which girl will win, although it isn't too obvious yet, but from how many possible bad ends this story could have. Possibly multiple in a row.

The initial idea is having as read more
Sep 22, 2017
Xaelath (All reviews)
Updated as in 39 Chapter Minor Spoiler review

My first thought that it actually was a Pure Romcom,
What i actually got is somekind NTR crap that have been hinted in some early chapter.
Simply put theres hidden Genre here which is" Harem and Drama" as later chapter introduce more female characters.

Story : 2
Poorly Writen, Bad background, slow Pacing as in Slice of life, theres yet visible character development.
I cant say much about the story as nothing have been uncovered yet and it pursue further towards Drama Romance. tl;dr its about nonsense drama in past following MC dillema with the 2 main girls. Thats pretty much it.

Art read more

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