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May 22, 2018
This is the story of a poor woman that has constant horrible days at work and when she finally does something right her cat is about to die. Good thing she doesn't have a family.

While the idea is that this new cat littler box allows you to check your cat's crap to judge how they're doing, having it represented as smelly letter her cat craps is a bit bizarre. I don't consider myself capable to diferentiating a "you didn't play with me enough" poop from a "I don't like your friends" one, I'll try it out with my next partner.

The Tekken style is cute and read more
May 22, 2018
You can watch this on youtube by searching the japanese title, there are no dialogues.

This promo video presents a cute view on the exploitative japanese business culture. There's a handful of universal inspiring moments; like learning from your senpai, hanging on when things don't seem to work or focusing on making your client work to the fullest. But it has all the awkward japanese ideology about having your boss scream at you on your free time, magically going from beign kicked out to being hired or working 16 hours a day spending more time with coworkers than your family (with a little kid appearing in read more
Feb 5, 2018
It has to be commended that Ballroom e Youkoso tries to do something very special and succeeds to a certain extent, using a male and female team sport the sport aspect is treated as a romance plot and the romance elements are directly tied to the sport. It's not just jumping the hurdle of using time for love interests that most sport shonen struggle with, it straight up takes elements from a romance plot and presents it with the passion and structure of a sport plot while covering most of what you want in the sport genre.

The first half works perfectly for anyone who likes read more
Dec 29, 2017
A couple of vague spoilers that will help you deal with this: Tetsuro does nothing to change anything. Just like the previous movie, 999 is compacted to be a Harlock spin off more than it's own thing.

The strongest element in this movie is Rintaro's direction, and if we judged only by visuals this would easily be an 8/10 or above. But as a stand alone story and part of the 999 franchise it's pretty atrocious.

As I mentioned before it makes the same weird decision from the previous movie of taking out everything that 999 had besides character designs. Between 2 movies we get none of read more
Oct 15, 2017
what's the point of this?
Every five minutes or so I had to wonder that. Why would you have the sword collector and not give him swords? Why have over the top techniques and not show the name painted across the screen? Why reanimate and exclude the animation intensive scenes? Why have Kaoru and Yahiko if you take out all their scenes? Why have Kenshin's master and super fast Soujiro if there is no secret super fast final technique? Why have Soujiro loose his calm over a moral issue if you don't show whis moral issues? Overall this feels like someone with a plot synopsis read more
Oct 15, 2017
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While this could be considered an art film, which is a plus or a con depending on each person, the concept is strong enough to be understood without a lengthy explanation or previous knowlege. If anything knowing too much takes away from the enjoyment. Beyond the concept the sound design is really strong and complements it much more than the animation. I doubt just anyone could do this in Premiere but it's a long shot from the sakuga some people expect in anime. Whether its simplicity makes it feel special or a wasted opportunity is up to you.

For its length it's a really read more
Jul 21, 2017
Satoshi Mizukami is mainly known for Samidare and maybe Spirit Circle, but like every mangaka he has dozens of works that barely got a one-shot if they were printed at all. This is a collection of pilots, only a few meant to even try to get serialization.

If you haven't read anything by him before the style might look a bit rough, mainly when it comes to faces. But he makes up for it with very dynamic movements, and you get to see how he slowly found his footing in that style.

The author comments keep insisting that there are connections between the stories, I'm pretty read more
Jun 19, 2017
Si leés castellano este ova está en youtube.

The only Umezu manga I've read is Fourteen, but for what I've seen this OVA adapts his style really well. You can see how it bleeds into other horror artists influenced by him like Junji Ito. The strongest point of this OVA has to be the character art, mainly face expressions.

The animation is a bit lacking but still great for a small 1990 OVA. Very few static shots or cheap slides but nothing impressive either. The key moments of gore have a lot of work put on them making them great gifs if you want to section them.

The read more
Jun 19, 2017
For many this just another piece in the long catalogue of AIC properties that were made by nobodies and can be only enjoyed by riffing on them. The two names that stand out in the production are the script writer, which is closer to what the US calls "script doctors" and just tries to make sense of the director's idea; and the mecha designer that you could know from Nadesico or Rayheart S2.

The production costs are divided between the gore scenes (with some decent blood splashes because 90's) and set designs. If there's something to enjoy here is the biologicaly infected spaceships, the later read more
Feb 28, 2017
Therre is currenly no translated version of this and if you take the time to look for the raws it's pretty obvious that there will never be one. While not fluent in japanese, or understanding it at all, I am well versed in comedy cliches, so watching the raw wasn't really an issue. There's less than a handful of jokes in this, it's mostly the guy gets a hard on, otokonoko teases, slaps. It also has the obligatory 50% of its run time dedicated to "should I tap it? but it's a duuuuudddeeee!!"

It's pretty much Stop Hibari-Kun without the cuteness, charm or side characters. read more