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May 7, 2018
Lorian_Guisan (All reviews)
"Save you ? Me ? I can't do that. You're the only one that can save yourself."

If you're here, you are definitely a fan of the Monogatari Series, or maybe just a random person just looking for a manga. In all cases, I recommend you this manga. \NO SPOILERS/

Story : 9.5

The story is really awesome, it's about the relationships between Araragi, the main character, and 6 other girls, who all have awesome personalities. I must also say that it's not your typical vampire story tho.

Art : 10

If i could add 11/10, I would definitely, it's just the BEST art I've EVER seen. The scenery read more
Aug 29, 2019
erased_cydonian (All reviews)
Notwithstanding its popularity, Bakemonogatari has always been thorough; despite its supernatural tone, it is still a series in which most of the time consists of long talks between characters and the development of these latter, dealing with deep issues such as sinfulness or the need to overcome a murky past. This review is foremost a comparison with the anime, that is to say I am not going to rate the characters and the plot per se, but how good the adaptation is regarding the former material.
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The manga goes for the most sheer rendering of Bakemonogatari. As it should be, the dialogue between characters read more

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