May 7, 2018
Lorian_Guisan (All reviews)
"Save you ? Me ? I can't do that. You're the only one that can save yourself."

If you're here, you are definitely a fan of the Monogatari Series, or maybe just a random person just looking for a manga. In all cases, I recommend you this manga. \NO SPOILERS/

Story : 9.5

The story is really awesome, it's about the relationships between Araragi, the main character, and 6 other girls, who all have awesome personalities. I must also say that it's not your typical vampire story tho.

Art : 10

If i could add 11/10, I would definitely, it's just the BEST art I've EVER seen. The scenery is really abstract, like Shaft usually do. The chara-design are just like in the anime, but really well drawn. The alternation between serious and funny faces is well-done. For me it's better drawn than Berserk (please don't hurt me =)

Character : 10

Probably the best bit of the monogatari series. The relation ship and the talking between the characters is just so damn good. Araragi can be really serious and really hilarious at the same time, he's a half vampire. The other girls have awesome (sorry to repeat, but it's the best world to describe it) personalities. There's a tsundere, two lolis, a class rep, a childhood friend and a tomboy. BUT it's not as usual and I must specify this point.

Enjoyment : 9.5

Nothing to tell, but I really did have fun reading Bakemonogatari. If you're a shônen type reader, maybe it's not your type, but you should definitely have a look at it. For the romance fan, there is a few, but not too much.

Overall : 9.75 ~ 10

So I recommend everyone to, AT LEAST, have a look at this masterpiece. It's NOT better than the anime (obviously lol), but still, if you judge it individually, it's really good. Thanks for reading.

P.S. It's my first review, and English is not my native language.