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Is Kichijoji the Only Place to Live?

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Sep 12, 2021
Avid_Reader (All reviews)
Long story short: this is basically a tourist guide for Tokyo's various suburbs.

So, if you lived in or near Kichijoji and decided you want to rent a new apartment, you'd wish such a real estate agency like this one existed. This fictional one is run by lady twins who are slightly eccentric, more than slightly overweight and very much into heavy metal, but that's neither here nor there. They absolutely will, however, sit down with you to talk about your ideal apartment and will make their utmost efforts to guide you to your ideal apartment, even if it's not in Kichijoji - and somehow it read more
Sep 5, 2023
cianoc (All reviews)
Strangely addictive manga series about twin real estate agents who find apartments in Tokyo for their clients (always female for some reason). These clients always have a reason for why they're moving, though its not something the manga is hugely interested in (reasons include divorce, overbearing parents, or the various challenges of being a women in Japan).

The main characters are rather subversive by Japanese standards. They're overweight, have zero interest in getting married and are perfectly content as they are. One of them really likes sex (and has no trouble getting boyfriends), the other doesn't. And they're fun companions; cheerfully (and often gluttonously) telling their read more

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