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Sep 12, 2021
Preliminary (30/? chp)
Long story short: this is basically a tourist guide for Tokyo's various suburbs.

So, if you lived in or near Kichijoji and decided you want to rent a new apartment, you'd wish such a real estate agency like this one existed. This fictional one is run by lady twins who are slightly excentric, more than slightly overweight and very much into heavy metal, but that's neither here nor there. They absolutely will, however, sit down with you to talk about your ideal apartment and will make their utmost efforts to guide you to your ideal apartment, even if it's not in Kichijoji - and somehow it ...
Oct 4, 2020
Amateur artists often have a great image in their mind, but fail to recreate it outside their heads. It seems professionals aren't safe from this, either - and this manga is one of many such examples.

Imagine a cyberpunk-ish sci-fi world with a complete cultural melting pot, where one of the very few sources of entertainment for the masses are the "dogfights" - staged fights to the death (or destruction) between cyborgs. One of these cyborgs is Sayoko Tachibana, now known as the White Thirteen or Sirius. She sold her body (quite literally) to pay the medical bills for her sick brother Takeru and now, with ...
Dec 15, 2018
Chiisakobee (Manga) add
This should have been longer.

See, I haven't read the original novel, and I'm pretty sure hardly anyone outside Japan has, so I can only base my review on what's in front of me (the manga, obviously). But even then I can't help but feel that quite a few important things were lost while trimming the story down to a short series of comic books.

By itself, the story is still pretty good. Sure, it might be an aesop, the kind that's easily seen through, but its themes, aptly summed up with "humanity and strength of will", are timeless and will always grab your attention, no matter ...
Dec 29, 2015
Pil (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Sometimes I feel like art is all about putting on airs. Fortunately, it's just sometimes, but here's another example of it.

This title was highly praised by Jiro Taniguchi, who even wrote a preface for it (well, he was asked and paid to do so, but anyway). Now Jiro Taniguchi was a great artist and quite a good storyteller, even though his best works were adaptions of other people's books. You'd think he knows a good story when he sees one and usually that's true, after all, he did want to adapt all those stories others wrote. Not in this case though.

And yet everything that would ...
Apr 3, 2015
Opus (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
We all know Satoshi Kon by his anime works and greatly appreciate those. Some of us may know he drew manga before making his anime debut. I knew it, too, but until now I have never read any of his manga. Now, with Opus, I've got around to doing so and I must say I wish this had been turned into a movie.

Opus is about a manga artist who draws this action manga where the main characters are telepaths and/or can use raw power as a weapon. It's supposedly a great story full of suspense, but currently, the artist is in a slump and struggles ...
Oct 25, 2013
This title here is a TV special somewhat loosely based on a less known manga by Osamu Tezuka. It's probably for the best that the manga is less known and the changes made for television were probably for the best, but there is only so much an adapting team can do.

The story is a rather simple one and briefly told. Read the synopsis, it already contains half of it. Let it be told though that the story is not really about that time traveller. Indeed, it changes quickly to a story about the girl who we meet early on, the titular Prime Rose. But that ...
Oct 1, 2013
When you make an anti-war movie, you must incorporate a few things. First of all, your message should always be "war is super bad, never think otherwise". Second, you have to have at least one enemy attack, a bombing, if possible. Third, you need to show people suffering (this is really just for getting the message of "war is super bad, never think otherwise" across). And fourth, there has to be hope for the future and the best scene to show that is homecoming. All you need now is to construct a story around all this and you're set.

Constructing a story is what "The Glass ...
Mar 19, 2013
Mixed Feelings
Kenji Miyazawa is known for writing children's books and it shows here. This is basically a movie for children, only a bit more challenging.

It's mostly apparent in the main character, Budori. He would be an ideal role model for a child: caring for his family, studying diligently, even WANTING to study, working hard and persevering no matter what. Making a heroic decision in the end only tops it off.

Except he isn't. He shows no attachment to literally anyone but his little sister. Not even his parents, let alone his employers and teachers. Earlier I wrote that he cares for his family - well, technically, he ...