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Ninja Girls

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Feb 20, 2009
kuglefang (All reviews)
This manga is pretty much a harem title (expect a descent amount of fan service) with plenty of violence (not nearly as much as other titles though). The story is set during medieval japan so expect plenty of samurai and ninja action and the plot is about Raizou, a boy with a horn on his forehead and this horn has led society to demonize him but the truth is the boy is actually a very warmhearted person and is in fact the illegitimate child and last remaining heir to the noble Katana household. He meets up with several kunoichis who serve under the said household read more
Dec 17, 2012
Colonelfancy (All reviews)
It's hard to say that the harem comedy sub-genre needs a shot in the arm since they have such a low ceiling in terms of innovation, so the key to having a successful title is to just have fun with it, and that's what Ninja Girls does well. It's far from original and does everything you've already seen before, but this is the most fun I've had reading this type of manga in years.
Story 7: Raizo is a down-on-his-luck boy who is the remaining member of his fallen family, and in an attempt to restore his family hierarchey (I think I butchered that), read more

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