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Tsuredure Children

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Mar 28, 2016
walloman (All reviews)
Honestly I came across this manga by accident while I was searching for a good comedy romance manga to read and this is exactly what the doctor ordered.
The story is basically snippets here and there about various students attending a certain highschool and how they are infatuated with eachother. Varying from a guy who has self self confidence issues in love with a girl who takes the same bus to school as him to the captain of the karate club finding her male kouhai cute.
I honestly got hooked from the start. The art was good which is what initially drew me to the manga (no read more
Dec 2, 2017
flomu (All reviews)
Short version:
Unrelentingly charming, Tsurezure Children focuses on the sweet yet awkward first steps of falling in love.

Long(er) version:
When I think of romance in manga and anime, I imagine all of the horrible tropes plaguing the medium: from the pretty boy vs. bad boy dilemma of shojo to the oblivious male leads of shonen, manga and anime are filled with unrealistic and uninteresting approaches to depicting romance. While these archetypes might inspire waifus and husbandos among fans, there isn't much emphasis on the relationship itself.

Tsurezure Children takes a different path - by focusing on the act of confessing love, and the subsequent first steps of the read more

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