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Jan 4, 2021
bakingpowderr33 (All reviews)

Cliches and disappointment.

For me I feel like the author is going with a unique plot, but mediocre world/character building. Yeah Cats as characters? Why not? But there's also humans, hmmm, how to solve this little problem, nahh who cares, is what I think is what in the author's mind.

The cats were introduced as pets, with masters which are humans. And then cats also live in the country as a society. There are cities and villages that are populated with cats.

Now what do you thinks will happen if humans and cats have societies? Yep, totally nonsense.

You would see a big cat holding a club and read more
May 31, 2021
Shellshock123 (All reviews)
The series is set during the shogun era. Where Guns are a new thing and everyone carries a sword. Humanoid Cats are the main species in this series and live with there gods. The gods being humans. Our MC has a bell which shows that he is an owned cat which means that he is professionally trained all that other stuff. I mean the bell is proof that he was a slave to a god and who doesn't want to be a slave to a god? Don't quote me on this.

So our MC is on a journey to find his master, hounded by the spirit read more

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