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May 9, 2021
This is a story of a random girl named momochi who at the age of 16 (which is considered marriageable age for women *wink*) owns the momochi house, which is more like a huge fucking mansion., However inside already live some freeloaders such as the Male lead (Aoi) and a buncha slaves he owns. This is one of those nice masters where the slaves want to serve the master kinda thing. Of course it had to be like that otherwise he wouldn't be the male lead.

The reason they live in the house is because the Momochi house actually chooses someone to be the guardian read more
May 1, 2021
A sweet calming story. Not at the level of Otoyomegatari though to be fair not many can.

The series is about a 13 year old doctor in training, who has 1 day gotten a new bride. She and he are both living under 1 roof. and need to learn to cope with what is going to be there married life as they aren't officially married yet. Set in 18th century Tibet you have beautifully and incredibly well drawn culture of the Tibet people.

The manga is quite beautiful and i don't think i can really explain it any other way. Its quite similar to Otoyomegatari in read more
Apr 29, 2021
The series is about a women who's continuously trying to win the affection of the hero.

However she has gotten too strong as such its a running gag that everyone treats her like a guy instead. Stuff like Her having too much muscle mass so a computer can't recognize her as female etc. Also this is set in the fantasy world with goblins and monsters so who knows where all this technology shit is coming from. The manga is also somewhat a parody of JRPG's as well. Not just the party aspect but the fact that its a turn based manga. They eat an item read more
Apr 24, 2021

From the artist that drew Shin Angyo Onshi comes another pretty stellar work with beautiful artwork just like it. A Gothic Fantasy work.

The series is about a women dressed as a man going around performing Exorcism. She removes the ILL (The bad thing) from a person's body. These Exorcists call themselves Ciste Vihad.

The series is mostly Episodic. Being about each different ILL per chapter. There is an overarching story involving the FMC's past and the main villain (who keeps running after claiming having only 1 health point remaining). But thats the beginning and the end read more
Apr 17, 2021
About a guy who doesn't want to get married and a girl who wants to do anything to get married.

The series is cliche. But It handles it well. I think a lot of can be found upon the characters core. The MMC doesn't want to get married as he feels like marriage is a curse to tie a person down. While the FMC marriage is a way to make a safe haven for her husband and future children. These 2 begun a relationship fairly early on in the series. Despite knowing what each others viewpoint in life is.

Now in reality a couple dating expecting the read more
Apr 16, 2021
Haru's Curse

A short but gripping story that doesn't stop being enjoyable from start to finish.

Haru's Curse is a story about an older sister who starts going out with her dead sister's fiancee.... Its fucked up. Their "shouldn't they" relationship is Haru's Curse.

The series in enveloped in this dense atmosphere as both the main characters feel guilty for there actions but can't stop themselves from doing it either. Despite this thick atmosphere, there is moments of lighthearted playfulness. Cracks in the manga to make sure the manga's tone never overwhelms the reader. The manga is engaging and entertaining and with only 8 chapters i can really read more
Mar 5, 2021
A realistic take on the MMA sport.

All-rounder meguru (ARM) is about a Boy named meguru without Ambition. He is a decent grappler, decent boxer, decent Karate expert, Decent martial artist. You could call him... AN ALL ROUNDER. He meets his childhood friend a man who is filled with ambition. They both meet in an amateur contest once again. While Takeshi keeps going forward wanting to be the very best like no one ever was. Meguru continues doing MMA for fun. So these 2 just sorta have this push and pull momentum going with each other.

All-rounder Meguru was more tame than i was expecting. After reading read more
Mar 1, 2021
Dramatic but somewhat shallow.


Full moon is the story of a 12 year old girl trying to become a singer because of a promise she made to someone she loves. However her grandma hates music. She also has throat cancer. She also never went to school. Her dad was also a top tier singer. Also 2 death reapers try to reap her soul since she is supposed to die in 1 year. But she convinces them to help her instead so she is now this model looking woman who is now an idol.

Its a very fast paced story which is for the better. read more
Feb 28, 2021
Just a mess.

The tarot cafe is a story about a girl who use tarot cards, owns a cafe and is immortal. She is trying to collect beads to complete her contract. There is also significant amount of fantasy elements and the manga is set in the modern-ish world.

if it feels like the description was really lazy that's because it was. And i've still put in more effort than the author did.

The manga is all over the place. The episodic stories, which last for 2 volumes before the main story starts, are boring as shit. Some of them were so bad i started laughing.

SPOILERS read more
Feb 13, 2021
The Last of us 2 levels of controversy for manga.

To say this manga was shrouded in controversy since its inception would probably be only the tip of the iceberg.

Domestic Girlfriend is a series about a character who loses his virginity to some random chick named Rui. Something he then sort of regrets because he already had feelings for someone else. This girl in question being his teacher, Hina. Natsuo (MC) gains feeling for her as she figures out that he wants to write a story. So Hina is constantly pestering him for another chapter of his book while Natsuo gets flustered and slowly but surely read more