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Apr 23, 2022
Slip and slides and but chugs away to the finish line.

**This review contains Spoilers for the previous Series (Tokyo Ghoul). Also Includes Spoilers for upto volume 5. I have to spoil one of the major Reveal to kinda talk about the series.**

TG ended with Kaneki losing to Arima losing his memories and becoming a Ghoul Investigator. He now goes by Haise. Becomes the very thing that were trying to destroy him in the past. Now he's gotta work for CCG and Fight what he originally considered Family. So you have Kaneki playing the role what Amon played in the original series. More or ...
Apr 19, 2022
Tokyo Ghoul (Manga) add
Edgy, ridiculous and hella fun. Tokyo Ghoul hits most of the right notes. Even if it fumbles on other aspects.

It feels kind of weird to review a manga that I've already read. Especially since there is a lot more smaller details that you pick up. This review contains some spoilers till vol. 6. Since there is a shift in story after the Aogiri arc (which ends in volume 8). I will try to remain somewhat spoiler free but be warned.

Ghouls are creatures that look like human, Breathe like humans, Reproduce like ones but are not humans. They have overall physical superiority factor on top of ...
Apr 14, 2022
Opus (Manga) add
An enjoyable premise with interesting characters. Even if the ending was lackluster.

The series is about a mangaka that drew a series with the intention of killing one of the main characters by the end of it. Now working a deadline and finally reaching the final page that will give the climax of the series. The author gets sucked in his own manga and the main character who was supposed to die by the end of it is having none of it. Now the author needs to find his way back to the real world as well as realizing that the backstories he created may have ...
Apr 11, 2022
Oooku (Manga) add
An excellently crafted series that keeps you entertained. Also Incest. Like a lot.

Suicides, Rape, Incest, Cooking, Love triangle, More Rape, More Incest, Sex, Nudity, Violence, Socially acceptable incest, Socially unacceptable incest and Murder but enough about me. Let's talk about the manga.

The series set early in 1605 when the red pox disease that takes the lives of many men reducing the male population to 1/5th. Women outnumbering men from 5 to 1. In a patriarchal society this results in a massive shift of workforce and social behavior somewhat. The political figures become women. The breadwinners become women, the workforce in itself becomes a massive shift. ...
Mar 27, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team Review. Somewhat underwhelming considering the popularity of Gundam.

This series contains some spoilers till Episode 6 (Roughly). Because thats how long it takes for the main plot to start back up again.

MS Team is about a group of soldiers and there commander Shiro (The MMC) and the enemy's commander's younger sister Aina (The FMC). They originally meet in the first episode and are nice to each other despite being on the opposite ends and trying to kill each other just moments earlier. Surprised at the humanity from each other they promise to meet again and stuff. Now with that ...
Mar 20, 2022
Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu | Descending Stories Season 2 Review. Spoilers for Season 1 + S2EP1-2 Review for Season 1

With the flashback finally over we can get back to the main story. Our MMC is continuing to rise up in the ranks of Rakugo. His shows being more and more popular. Him becoming more and more successful. The MMC2 (Yakumo) is having his old age catch up to him. The FMC gives birth and the story moves on. We learn a little bit more about the MMC's backstory and his Yakuza related people. His relationship with the FMC also becomes more romantic but in a ...
Mar 13, 2022
The First Episode (Director's Cut) is Spoiled. And Some Light Spoilers for the purpose of this review.

Rakugo is a series about an ex-Yakuza that tries to become a famous Rakugo's student (I'mma call this guy MMC2). So MMC Tries super hard to become MMC2's apprentice. And surprisingly he's like "Fo shizzle. Get in the limo my man". And now he has an apprentice. He meets his adopted daughter (?) and basically its these 3 living in this house practicing Rakugo. Well that's I presumed what it was going to be but that changed very fast when the daughter screams in agony that MMC2 killed her ...
Mar 6, 2022
Tegamibachi (Manga) add
A series that forget what the main plotline was.

Some light spoilers in this review upto vol. 12. Nothing super major, because the main story actually takes a small break before getting back into it.

The series is about Delivering Letters... Mostly. They're 3 main concepts to the series. The artificial Sun, Being the best bee & delivering letter and killing Gaichuu's which is the main enemy of the series.... I think. It's not entirely clear. The idea here is that the chads, the Main characters are people who deliver letters known as the Letter Bee's. However letters here are more than just simple words on ...
Feb 22, 2022
Tegamibachi (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Tegami Bachi Season 1 Review: Pretty Middling tbh. Nothing really that stood out.

The Series is set in steampunk world where the Chads are Mailmans. In this world they are called Letter Bee, or Tegami Bachi. They go around delivering Letters which carry people's hearts. Each Letter Bee has 2 main components. Their Gun which is capable of shooting there *metaphorical* heart and there Dingo which is like a sidekick. The story follows our main character who wants to find his hero who saved 7 years before we begin our story. So alongside his trusty Dingo who is an underage girl who refuses to wear underwear ...
Feb 20, 2022
Mixed Feelings
There are some Spoilers in this Review. About 4 volumes or so.

Hey Hey People, Shell Here.

Deadman Wonderland starts with a massacre of our Protagonist's class and with him being the main culprit's and Japan's incredibly questionable police force he gets the death Penalty. However in 2013 there was a big earthquake which caused 70% of Tokyo to be submerged in Water. Now to restore Japan's to its former Glory a Prison Named Deadman Wonderland which is a for profit prison. And now 10 years since the earth quake, Ganta (MC) is sent here to suffer the wrath of his consequences. He soon realizes that this ...

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