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Mar 13, 2021
Practice Makes Perfect

Although not an athlete, but a musician myself, I got enticed by the title.

The romance was better than average, smut is good where you can jack off and still have a good read.

The character and romance build up was good and it doesn't bore you, it makes you keep reading.

Comedy comes in now and then which makes it refreshing while having a bit of drama.

And as far as I'm concerned, I didn't get any hate on this series.

Would I recommend you to read this? Ofcourse.

Have a great romance and jack em off!
Jan 9, 2021
Manga Dogs

Pretty boys doing pretty stupid things.

Read the sentence above again. Now, do you want to waste your time on pretty boys doing stupid things?

Most of the comedy part only comes after the 1st volume. So you have to endure 1 volume of pretty boys doing pretty stupid things.

I appreciate the depiction of the manga industry, how mangakas suffer each night, struggles of being an author whilst being a student. But please, remove the stupid pretty boys doing pretty stupid things.

Would I recommend you to read this? No, unless you like to see pretty boys doing pretty stupid things.
Jan 4, 2021

Cliches and disappointment.

For me I feel like the author is going with a unique plot, but mediocre world/character building. Yeah Cats as characters? Why not? But there's also humans, hmmm, how to solve this little problem, nahh who cares, is what I think is what in the author's mind.

The cats were introduced as pets, with masters which are humans. And then cats also live in the country as a society. There are cities and villages that are populated with cats.

Now what do you thinks will happen if humans and cats have societies? Yep, totally nonsense.

You would see a big cat holding a club and read more
Jan 3, 2021
How To Train Your Devil

Beautiful heroines

When I read the title, I didn't think the devil will be a baby, I thought more of like adolescent to adult devils, so props for the surprise.

Women are beautiful in this series, well what do you expect on ecchi fantasy theme. Ecchi panels are kind of mediocre, like watching an ecchi anime, most of it is like the same.

Comedy comes around sometimes, not really much comedy for me, although they are funny, it's kind of scarce to have bits of comedy per volume.

Flow of the story is a bit different from what you expect on majority of human vs read more
Jan 1, 2021
Acony (Manga) add (All reviews)

They had us in the 1st half, is what I would describe Acony.

Starting with a mystery feel, the author drawing a lot of colored Acony made me feel this is gonna be a gothic horror. And yeah it is, at least at the first part. The afterwords also said that the author doesn't know the genre for this manga and should the author go for more comedy.

I love comedy. And after hearing many jokes, Acony definitely delivered in the comedy aspect.

I also love how volume 1 started with the art style like 'contemporary' to compliment with the mystery feels. And then gradually headed to a read more
Dec 25, 2020
School of Horns

Seemingly week child but with strange powers, from really wimpy to motivating others, School of Horns everybody, you know many stories just like this, so let's move on now.

Liked the concept of different types of horns, we don't really get those stuffs so this a rather unique one

When a story is a about world-building or character-building, you know that story should have a proper conclusion, right? (SPOILER UNTIL *) No, we have them discover a hidden talent, show some scenes where they get overwhelmed until the MC do his thing time and time again, and end with the phrase 'this is only the read more
Dec 25, 2020
Magia the Ninth

Get this, your favorite classical composers in a manga, featuring their famous compositions, fight against demons, and (SPOILER UNTIL *) not even have a proper ending.*

I think the author either likes classical music or just researched them and have them in a manga where classical music enthusiasts will enjoy them.

Well having well know composers like the 3 B, Liszt, Schumann, Schubert, and even a violin maker, Stradivarius, you know the author did some research.

At first, when they chant some words before they execute "Masterpieces", I felt that the author wants classical to not be an obscure taste.

The pieces the author chose are mostly read more
Dec 20, 2020
Tonikaku Kawaii

Binging this series, I've realized while I keep watching all 12 episodes, my heart keeps beating, どきどき (doki doki) if I must say.

This kind of feeling can only appear when you really are enjoying what you think is love. And after a decent amount of romance anime shows, this hits the spot.

I don't know the reason why I feel like that when I keep watching, but if I have to give an answer, it's the reality part, the part where you doubt if they would really stay together, the part of believing not seeing the love you most pursue.

And yes, this show can be read more
Nov 27, 2020
Drops (Manga) add (All reviews)

A manga with different perspectives on each chapter.
With this kind of story building, we can have more time to look more deeply on the characters.

Since this is a Oneshot, the ending will be fast of course. Time-skips are common on this kind of manga. But here it is used so beautiful and well-timed.

This manga is a romance, comedy, smut type. Published on Manga Erotics F, you expect the lewd panels immediately. In this manga, the lewdness are used for character-building. So you can basically enjoy some romance, while beating that meat.

This is also a Slice of Life manga, the characters are pretty much alike to read more
Nov 25, 2020

Ever wonder if there's any JoJo like anime, full of references? Here's Golosseum, where references are full of history and personalities.

From the synopsis itself, yep, you read that right, Russian President Putinov and American President Billary Quintone, wonder who can those people be.

I find this manga entertaining and shit at the same time. On the omake (extra) chapters, I keep on looking forward to it. This is the only non-serious part of the manga where you will have some laughs.

Plotwise, I think it's unique in a way, but also shit.

I also like how the mangaka didn't make any serious catalogues of the huge personalities read more