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How to Grill Our Love

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May 16, 2021
ironandschwarz (All reviews)
A simple but incredibly sweet story - Yaiteru Futari is a manga that will really warm you up on the inside - a read perfect for a rainy day. If you enjoy an occasional lighthearted romance story, look no further, as this manga is for you.

No complicated romances, no heavy emotions, no extended disputes. It's a manga that is truly wholesome to the core. The story follows a newlywed couple slowly getting to know each other as they advance their relationship, one meal at a time - and that's about it! There's nothing to hate about this story and it's most definitely worth a look.

The read more
Feb 11, 2021
apep23 (All reviews)
What happen when you got nobody when your company seems abusive towards your private live? Nothing, seems like some realistic thinker out there. Well, we got you covered! Says some online dating apps. The story goes when Fukuyama Kenta starts using dating apps and get rejected several times but then enter Yamaguchi Chihiro and started the whole series with bang. Marriage in hand. But when the newlywed start their life together, another twist of turn that make their relationship is a long distance one.

The story itself fulfill the genre that the author promised. The thing is, this is your typical series that has no spice read more

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