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May 22, 2021
God. Damn.

I stumbled across a screenshot of this manga on social media, and so I did what usually do at 3 am when I find a promising manga - I binged the entire thing in one sitting.

And holy shit was that an incredible read. Where do I begin?

Enter Kusunoki, a man with nothing to lose, nor anything to gain in his life - and in a couple hasty decisions that no sane person would usually make, he puts a ticking time bomb on his life for a small wad of cash - but again, he's got nothing to lose, nor anything to gain, so fuck ...
May 16, 2021
Preliminary (26/? chp)
A simple but incredibly sweet story - Yaiteru Futari is a manga that will really warm you up on the inside - a read perfect for a rainy day. If you enjoy an occasional lighthearted romance story, look no further, as this manga is for you.

No complicated romances, no heavy emotions, no extended disputes. It's a manga that is truly wholesome to the core. The story follows a newlywed couple slowly getting to know each other as they advance their relationship, one meal at a time - and that's about it! There's nothing to hate about this story and it's most definitely worth a look.

The ...
May 6, 2021
Preliminary (52/? chp)
This is an incredibly messed up manga.
It's also a really fucking incredible manga, period.

Every character in this story has a story of their own. The main characters and the supporting cast have something that really makes the reader hooked onto them. Compared to other stories, the author really takes their time with carefully weaving together a string for every single one of them, and then intertwines said strings to create... I don't want to say "masterpiece", it's hard to find a word, really. The characters are all realistic as hell - not realistic as in things they do happen often very often, but realistic as ...

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