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Jan 10, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Oh boy, how is your youth guys? These guys seem like they have a blast in their youth. The story centers on Mamoru Suzuhara that loves his childhood friend, albeit never really had that slapstick love comedy approach with her as many series has been.

I will say one sentence to let people understand what this movie has to offer. It has many lies in the building of the story, cowardness, overcoming hardship, and not to mention, didn't solve any problem whatsoever other than solving their own past problems and not the main question at the present.

You know, the pages on myanimelist always have ...
Sep 5, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Alright, this will be short. It shows some promise just to be thrown under the bus from the axing behavior.

The story itself has flaws but the character development is good. In the end, they do develop faster than a shinkansen ever be.

Oh, but the comedic part does get me sometimes. It was the only 8/10 thing in the series and this is supposed to be a romance story? Laughable really

If you have some free time, I recommend anyone to read it. Either way, it's only 11 chapters of such a promising premise story to be thrown under the bus but the finale is not ...
May 27, 2022
Preliminary (35/? chp)
I'll write a little something because no one has written anything. The story in itself is not bad but the one who scored so low is the character. I know that this is a slow-paced story (I mean, the pages are not much), but Yuki, my boy right here really depicts a wimp lad. While our girl premise is not being displayed. I mean look at the "Boku no Kokoro Yabai Yatsu" series, Yamada is a model, and Gotou is not showing us much about her and just pushing her cuteness and sometimes the inner chad in her. Maeda shows some, but unlike Gotou, he ...
Nov 12, 2021
"I know that many people have their opinion about a series but I will change that so we can bring harmony to the world!"

This entire sentence is the actual premise in the series. That someone is changing the world that they've lived in from past trauma or the future that never be touched in the entire generation. This is the story of Inuzuka Romeo and Juliet Persia that changes the world wrapped in this entire story. The author said that he loved the story of Romeo and Juliet then created this by lumping all other things that he loved.

The way the author paint ...
Oct 9, 2021
The old me says that "things that end abruptly mustn't be good!". Oh, how young I am. I read this as the translator team reaches the 10th chapter and while getting excited after such a long time stalling myself for not picking any drama story because of the white album devastate I had back in 2017, oh boy how low my instinct about this now. Asahina Wakaba is a beautiful yet shy girl in the corner of the class. She got bullied a lot for not having any friends by her classmates to confess a fake confession that she's in love with the most "hated" ...
Aug 28, 2021
Take note, this review is biased by my own emotion when I discover it in manga rock back in 2018 when well, my heart almost breaks down.

Really, what a beautiful story from the first to the last chapter. Kinda hoping for a more developed ending in the end roll but it is what it is. The story starts when Inoue Kanata, a salaryman that almost hit his 30 meets a certain girl after his junior in college Kurata Aki. She met with Yamamoto Yuumi, the girl that is gonna change his world fully, and what a surprise, he changed hers too. The summary of this ...
Aug 25, 2021
My mother once said, "There is nothing more precious than family". I never knew what she meant in my childhood but after having many events in my life that leads to many disappointing results, it really hits me home what she meant by that little phrase. Nijiiro Photograph is a story that starts with someone who is gloomy that changes her very personality in every time she spends with her family. The story starts from when she met with a girl named Sara who is a relative of her (her parent's friend's child) that will be living on the same roof with Aoi and Satsuki, ...
Aug 22, 2021
Preliminary (16/? chp)
Firstly, when the story starts, the premise of it is that comedic way but I will give some mild spoiler but it wouldn't make you get spoiled or anything but there is a dramatic plot from time to time. I was enjoying this, very much and it's actually good.

I do enjoy the art so much and my my stance clear, the art is very good.

Right now, my mood is bad, and couldn't be bothered to do some elaborative writings. I might write more about the story later on when the next chapter's out or when my mood ligthen up.
Aug 21, 2021
Preliminary (15/35 chp)
Okay, just stumbled onto this today. I knew this one from back when it only has 3 chapters translated or so and the poster itself is misleading not to mention the website I read the synopsis are having comment section and someone commented about the series that made me summarize this as "another version of sex and dungeon (search about it for culture purpose only)" and boy how they really get on the ropes right there. This is the story of Morioka Yuuto, an ordinary human boy that one morning got the "arcana" of lovers.

The story itself is really different from that ordinary ecchi ...
Jun 13, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (36/? chp)
This is a story of someone that didn't have a background whatsoever that has been reincarnated into a prince as the 7th son of the throne from some known kingdom that he used to lived. This isn't the review of everything at all because it's just a reminder to everybody that kinda thrown into this page and thinking to have a read.

I don't know what the author on but "his" characterization is not the best. He is a son of the king yet he moves girly and cute (I found it cute but I fully know he is a boy). I know he still ...

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