Feb 11, 2021
Preliminary (8/? chp)
What happen when you got nobody when your company seems abusive towards your private live? Nothing, seems like some realistic thinker out there. Well, we got you covered! Says some online dating apps. The story goes when Fukuyama Kenta starts using dating apps and get rejected several times but then enter Yamaguchi Chihiro and started the whole series with bang. Marriage in hand. But when the newlywed start their life together, another twist of turn that make their relationship is a long distance one.

The story itself fulfill the genre that the author promised. The thing is, this is your typical series that has no spice more than wholesome in the entire chapter (I'm on 8th chapter while writing this) but that's really okay, not to mention they like a fragile flowers that only start to bloom and still have the time to afraid when they start to wither but they bloom all the time.

I love the art so much, the scene is great, the character looks so lively here and then and not to mention, the character design is so likeable that make this a plus.

Development in the entire series are a good indicator on how good the series is. At the moment, I can't predict how the characterization goes, but they seems developing at their own pace that is lovely in it way (if you fan of this type of series).

Pretty much enjoying the series that I wanted to encourage people that read this review to have a little test on how good the series actually is. Hope you guys have a great time.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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