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Blue Lock

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Apr 10, 2020
merope28 (All reviews)
Honestly, out of all the sports anime I have read or watched, this was by far the most interesting. It doesn't focus on "friendship" but rather the "selfishness" and "egoism" of each character. I think stories like these are more realistic because it brings out the true human nature in people. What I mean by this is that the selfishness and egoism of humans are displayed. The characters rely on their egoism throughout the manga to achieve their goal. The main character is very interesting and so are the people around him. I highly recommend this manga because each chapter is amazing! Props to the read more
Jan 19, 2020
Humbby (All reviews)
This Is my first Review so please keep that In Mind.

So, finally we get another GOOD sports series.

Are you tired of super powers?
Are you tired of uninteresting opponents?

Blue Lock fixes It all, It has an Interesting concept and completely fixes
the problems Kuroko and Haikyuu suffers from.

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