May 14, 2013
Shinzo_Hensen (All reviews)
~!~ WARNING: Spoilers ~!~

Jeez...I kinda wish I didn't even watch this anime to begin with. Maybe I'm just being harsh, but there wasn't something great about this. It was such a let-down. Something really promising at first and very quickly dropped as soon as you start.

~ Story 2/10 ~
I might be missing some accuracy because of the story being boring and unappealing so forgive me.
The main character is Kio Kakazu, an easy-going teen who seems to accept his new reality quite easy as his new friend is an alien cat girl, his childhood friend is a special agent, and his other friend is also a special agent as well. Essentially, this kid becomes pulled into a terrible situation by being involved with alien cat girls who came down to earth because...of the fish? While his friends work for the government as professional agents who are armed from head to toe.
The story is quite ridiculous and almost stupid. It's not even really in a funny way. It ruins itself from this style. Sure, it could have been quirky and an interesting to watch if it didn't fail to live up to what it could have been.
The very first episode is interesting as you watch an awesome fight scene. You find yourself clapping at the animation, even though it's awkward sometimes, and fight scenes. Something seems odd about it but you feel like this anime will be action packed and detailed.
Watching Asobi ni Iku yo is like having this amazing business man come to your door and offering you on an adventure that could save the universe. However, as soon as you accept his request and go to shake is robust, muscular hand, he turns into a wacky and cartoony clown that says "Just kidding" and slaps his genitals in your face before riding off into the sky on his own ass.
After this fight scene, you see our "hero" teen of the story who meets the first cat girl, Eris. Right after that, everything goes down hill.
Reasons for why aliens are present on the earth seems silly to the point that you'll find yourself face palming why they take such huge and crucial parts of the story and dismiss them with simple reasons or childish remarks as if it's nothing. The episodes don't even seem to go anywhere or develop. If you even found ONE silver lining in the story, you will be crushed dearly by the ending.
I tried to take in atleast the romance factor of the anime. It's all like a harem, but maybe the anime will come through with a love complex between the two main characters, right?
You will find the solution to the complicated love triangle and who out of the handful of girls that love this guy gets to be with them. The solution at the end? Well, why don't they just all marry him? It's not illegal atleast by cat alien standards.
There is honestly no story. You could watch this and not even pay attention to the details and it would pretty much be the same thing. The only thing that seems to be story is the girls getting into ridiculous situations involving them to dress slutty or find some way to show off fan service. If you went into the anime without expecting anything at all, you'll be fine. If you want a cool sci-fi about neko girls and a pleasant romance, you might want to turn around.
and run far away and never come back unless you are really bored.

~ Art 9/10 ~
Honestly the only thing I seemed to enjoy was the art of this anime. The animation is very fluid although awkwardly clunky sometimes. The style they chose is quite lovely. The atmosphere is displayed so well as the scenes change from beaches to seas, mornings to afternoons, neighborhoods to malls, etc...
All are greatly detailed and vibrant. It's colorful and enjoyable. Characters are nicely designed along with it's beautiful scenes and color. It's as if someone put lots of love and care into this factor, and I almost feel really bad for the artist for the fact that he wasn't complimented by the music, writers, or really anyone. If there was anyone who was truly serious about this product, it was the artist.

~ Sound 7/10 ~
There isn't much to say about the soundtrack. There really isn't anything special about it. The music isn't bad but it isn't memorable either. It's basic and meets the standards but that's all. However, it was nice from time to time. It was a decent soundtrack that was even very fitting sometimes. Voice actors were also skilled. If their scripts were better, I would've been more impressed by them. Although, it seems they were working with limited material and didn't even seem to take it seriously sometimes.

~ Characters 4/10 ~
Cardboard cut-outs and and big boobs. That's it.
The only thing flat in this show is the characters. But atleast their chests aren't.
The female characters are basic and stereotypical or sometimes have no personality besides boobs. Other characters are interesting. However, there isn't anyone too special or unique. You'd find that sometimes, the robot characters that don't even talk have more personality than the characters who talk.
It isn't dreadful as the dialogue isn't atrocious and the personalities do have some shape. Overall, though, it's not much and your characters are mostly there because they are important to the "story" or they are just sex appeal.

~ Enjoyment 4/10 ~
There isn't much to enjoy from this anime. What could be good and have excellent potential seem to be held back. The fight scenes would seem serious and well detailed while intense. At the same time, no one is murdered and you'll find enemies taken down easily by cutesy cliche' magical girl styles.
Tons of tanks and helicopters and soldiers arrive and they are disarmed by a girl with a hammer, the vehicles disappearing and the soldiers naked and defenseless. The action is so held back. It seems like they want to be serious but can't be.
One moment you'll have soldiers, and then have toy robot cat drones firing lasers and destroying matter to enter a boat. Whatever happens in the anime, there isn't an explanation. If it happened, that's all there is to it. Any questions will go unanswered unless it's unimportant. Nothing besides the art draws you in and so many things are a let-down. The romance is poor, the action had potential, the characters are poor, and the story is the biggest disappoint. Not even the ending was enjoyable. It's as if nothing happens through the entire thing even though so many things transpire. Why? WHY?!

Everything besides the art was lacking greatly. Nothing drew you in. Nothing satisfied you. If you go in with expectations, you leave disappointed unless you only like fan service. Nothing seems to happen really. You can watch the first few episodes and the last episode and it would almost be the same as watching the entire thing.
There isn't much to watch besides fan service and art. Maybe you could pull out something from this. If you like something funny and sexy scenes, maybe this anime is for you. Who knows, it might be your tastes. Anything else....well you will surely be disappointed.