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May 14, 2013
I'm really glad I actually sat down and watched this one fully. It only took a day, but what a day it was worth. I've watched many popular romance animes such as Clannad and Konan and can say nicely that, if it wanted to, this anime could have been on their level IF not greater.
There are a few things holding it back, though, which makes an unsatisfied feeling. I'll fully explain that through this review.

~ WARNING: possible spoilers ~

~ Story 8/10 ~
The story is nice and not over the top. It's realistic which blends well for it's dramatic feeling. Our main character is sick with read more
May 14, 2013
~!~ WARNING: Spoilers ~!~

Jeez...I kinda wish I didn't even watch this anime to begin with. Maybe I'm just being harsh, but there wasn't something great about this. It was such a let-down. Something really promising at first and very quickly dropped as soon as you start.

~ Story 2/10 ~
I might be missing some accuracy because of the story being boring and unappealing so forgive me.
The main character is Kio Kakazu, an easy-going teen who seems to accept his new reality quite easy as his new friend is an alien cat girl, his childhood friend is a special agent, and his other friend is also a read more
May 14, 2013
~!~ WARNING: Some spoilers may be present ~!~

Ah... such a wonderful pick out of a random selection...

If you were like me, you were going through lists upon lists of anime to watch and, mostly likely if you are reading this, stumbled on this series. Now, I must admit, I was reluctant to watch this at first. I knew nothing of the manga nor the anime. I passed the chance to watch this quite a few times. However, as soon as I sat down and witnessed the first episode, I was eager to see the next episode growing more excited to see one after another.

Nodame Cantabile read more