May 2, 2013
fatmacman (All reviews)
Tags: Big Breasts, Domination, Group, Foursome, Orgy, Lust, NTR, Old Men, Rape, Torture, Virgins.

Censorship: Yes, Light

From the creator of the Stringendo and Accelerando series' comes a twisted tale of rape, video tape, coercion, homeless men and mass quantities of body oil. The story takes place in a high-end beauty salon where the owner has become the love slave of a serial rapist named Dokushima Nero. Together they take advantage of the women clientele and turn them from their normal lives into one driven by lust.

The story focuses on Nero who is the self-proclaimed enemy of all women and his desire to rape and convert any woman he lays his hands on. Erika is the owner of a beauty salon who is under Nero's spell, and she takes the role of warming up the women clients with an extremely oily and erotic massage before letting Nero take over. Nero uses all sorts of tricks from sending naughty pictures to the victims loved ones to imprisonment and gang rape. This is a straight up submission story in which the dominant character enforces his will on others with no regard for their feelings or well being. It is a full on rape-fest from start to finish.

The animation looks great, as does almost everything Araki Hideki creates. There is a lot of color and the characters all look great. The only thing I can complain about is maybe the over-use of body oil, it just looked like they were covering the women in strawberry jelly rather than oil. This series is censored, but the censorship is well done and does not get in the way any more than it has to.

Conclusion: this is a well done hentai series that looks good and delivers well on the hentai content. The story is interesting and engaging, and has a good deal of shock value to boot. This is a great watch and I recommend it for anyone who can handle a strong rape-centered story.