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Jul 24, 2013
This is one of those hentai titles that you watch and wonder just who thought it was a good idea to make it. This is a bad hentai. The story blows, the characters are one-dimensional and boring, the anime is cheap and bad and the hentai content is boring and poorly done. I can think of no good reason to watch this title.

So lets talk story... a sex demon appears at a school and makes people have sex... church sends someone to investigate... somehow demon is banished, the end. There is very little in the way of character development and ...
Jul 14, 2013
This latest installment of the G-Taste series is rated as Rx, but this is NOT a hentai. It is ecchi and it has a little bit of nudity in the form of bare breasts and rear ends, but it does not contain any actual sex, no naughty bits, nothing that would be censored at all. This is very mild erotica, not hentai.

So what does it have? Well it is a set of 5 vignettes where woman narrate short little stories. We have a woman in red who caresses herself over her clothing and talks about sitting in ways that let people ...
Jun 16, 2013
Yet another really bad hentai title. Two word review: don't bother. Let's get right to the problems with this story. First, the animation is bad, choppy, and uninteresting. The animators must have had a very small budget since it felt like they only animated about half of the frames. Second, the story is lame and they tried to fill in the lameness with pointless and poorly written dialogue. Third, the character designs just sucked. I wanted to smash on of the male character's head against the wall so that it would take on a proper shape.

I have watched ...
Jun 16, 2013
Mixed Feelings
This hentai title is about the repeated rape of probably the stupidest woman in the world. If you like rape this one is for you. If you like women that have no brains, then this one is for you. If you want something happy and fun, look elsewhere.

The basic story line is a familiar one in hentai, some woman's fiancee goes missing and a loan shark comes to collect the money. In order to pay off her boyfriend's debt she is told she has to work at a rundown school for a month to pay the interest. Of course when ...
May 7, 2013
D-Spray (Anime) add
Tags: Big Breasts, Domination, Hentai, Lust, NTR, Old Men, Rape

Censorship: Yes, mild

D-Spray is the latest in the series of hentai titles where the main character, in this case a beat-down salary man named Saionji, get their hands on something that makes all women want to have sex with them. Saionji, now at middle age, is working a dead-end and thankless job where he is constantly hassled for slacking off by other employees and his younger manager. When he is called up to the research department to test out a new product his life changes.

This is a classic example of the downtrodden anti-hero getting ...
May 7, 2013
Mixed Feelings
Tags: Action, Big Breasts, Demon/Monsters, Futanari, Group, Lactation, Large Insertion, Incest, Sister x Sister, Daughter x Mother, Magical Girls, MILF, Mindbreak, Pregnant, Rape, Small Breasts, Tentacles, Lv3, Yuri

Censorship: Yes, mild

Magical girls, hard-core tentacle sex and a ton of incest… those are the key elements that make up the story for Mahou Shoujo Elena. This is a hard hitting tentacle hentai series with intense, body expanding sex scenes. The story focuses on a family that is caught up in the assault of an alien presence known as the Zoid. The parents of Elena and Emile disappeared some ten years earlier while on a ...
May 7, 2013
Offside Girl (Anime) add
How this hentai has avoided being voted as the worst on MAL I do not know. Offside Girl is a hentai about a female manager for a soccer team who has sex. The entire thing is done with Flash and is nothing more than a bunch of scrolled still frames with a few tiny pieces of (bad) animation such as moving mouths. Any actual motion is done by either shaking the camera back and forth or repeating the same 1-2 second loop animation over and over.

The story, the dialogue, the plot, the artwork... all bad. Almost nothing in this hentai makes ...
May 6, 2013
Mixed Feelings
*Note* Ignore the Synopsis, the one submitted is for the original 'Words Worth' and not 'Words Worth Gaiden'.

Tags: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Group, Threesome, Monster, Rape, Yuri

Censorship: None

Words Worth Gaiden is a prequel/side story for the classic Words Worth hentai series. The main focus in this outing is Astral and the three women he meets from the Tribe of Light during one of their attempted invasions into the Land of Shadow. There are two basic groups involved, one with a man named Norman and his female companion April and the group of Persia and her friend Sabrina.

The story is pretty basic, invaders from the ...
May 5, 2013
Mozu no Nie (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Tags: Domination, Group, Orgy, Incest, Brother x Sister, Daughter x Mother, Maids, MILF, Old Men, Rape

Censorship: None

Mozu no Nie (House of 100 Tongues) is a single episode hentai ova that tells the story of the downfall of the Takashiro family. The family business is in a downward spiral and is only being held aloft through the efforts of the families adopted son Yushiro. Someone in the house is trying to cause the family business to fail and finds that the quickest way is to remove Yushiro from the picture. Nanako, the daughter of the family, is very ill and spends most of ...
May 4, 2013
Jokuana (Anime) add
Tags: Idol, Old Men, Rape, Urination, Yuri

Censorship: None

Jokuana (or 'Horney Ladies in the News' as it is marketed in English) is a hentai series that focuses on a young man named Kazuya Mano and his relationships with the women he works with at a television studio. Kazuya uses his sexual powers to manipulate his female co-workers and move up in his career.

Ok, so the story is fairly lame and is pretty much Kazuya sweet talking, conning and raping his way through four of the women he works with. Looking to advance in his career he is able to manipulate the women he ...

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