May 7, 2013
D-Spray (Anime) add (All reviews)
fatmacman (All reviews)
Tags: Big Breasts, Domination, Hentai, Lust, NTR, Old Men, Rape

Censorship: Yes, mild

D-Spray is the latest in the series of hentai titles where the main character, in this case a beat-down salary man named Saionji, get their hands on something that makes all women want to have sex with them. Saionji, now at middle age, is working a dead-end and thankless job where he is constantly hassled for slacking off by other employees and his younger manager. When he is called up to the research department to test out a new product his life changes.

This is a classic example of the downtrodden anti-hero getting what he wants without any concern for the ramifications of his actions. The story becomes one of domination and lust as Saionji uses a new aphrodisiac spray to get women to offer up their bodies to him. At this point only one episode has been released, but so far it is a pretty good story and I can easily relate to the characters.

The animation looks great, modern and crisp, with well designed character art and scenery. The voice acting is very well done and the voice actors are a good match to the characters. The hentai content is great as well and does a good job of keeping you interested. The overall production quality of this hentai is above average and makes for an appealing watch. At this point it is a fairly vanilla hentai with no bizarre fetishes or overly shocking content. Since this is a brand new series it is only available censored, but the censorship is well placed and not overused.

As the series progresses I will be sure to update this review, but for now I can say that D-Spray is a title worth watching and enjoying.