Oct 12, 2008
X10A_Freedom (All reviews)
After a hugely successful season 1, we have the highly anticipated sequel, Code Geass R2.

Story: 3
The story involved a reset but kicked off to a very strong, solid start with Lelouche as cunning as ever in getting his ways. However, around 1/3 into the season it all starts falling apart. We start getting rather outrageous, unplausible plot twists and sequence of events. While this has happened in Season 1, R2 takes "outrageous, unplausible" to an entirely new level which continues right until the end of the series where finally, the ending had a very good twist to it.

The mecha battles have also suffered from the same problems from Gundam Seed Destiny - a few Nightmares that are just so ridiculously powerful.

Art: 7
If you can stand the stick-thin characters (I knocked a mark off for this), then the art is pretty damn good. The colours are vivid and the costumes varied in design. The animation was also rather smooth as well. Overall, it's good but not exceptional.

Sound: 7
Geass has a rather unique soundtrack style and I especially enjoyed the jazzy battle themes and Hitomi's vocal tracks. Hitomi's track which was played in the finale had a very appropriate feel and was awesome.

However, I found many of the choices for the OP/ED rather questionable!

Character: 4
A very large cast which was rather interesting in season 1 but with the butchering of the storyline, also came the butchering of the characters. The large cast prevented the development of key characters and they often made superficial appearances. Kallen, as awesome as she is was totally lacking towards the end of the series.

Enjoyment: 7
Despite the negativity, I did rather enjoy watching this series. It was whacky and corny which may be the wrong reason to enjoy a show, but that's how I managed to derive lots of enjoyment from.

Overall: 5
Geass R2 shone well in some aspects but was totally lacking in other departments. It had such a huge potential yet I feel it was utterly wasted. R2 wasn't a total disaster but it could have been so much better.