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Feb 25, 2017
Re:Zero is like an old fashioned video game (e.g. Touhou, Dark Souls) where you keep dying again and again, painstakingly finding the correct route to beat one single stage. Re:Zero's premise is exactly that, together with that satisfying feeling when you finally clear one stage of a game after many hours, or even days of trying. But what does Re:Zero do to give this compelling satisfaction?

Re:Zero comes to the scene meaning serious business. With consistently high production values and fluid animation, it puts the story and the main character at the foremost importance. The setting of medieval fantasy, used in countless RPGs is truly brought ...
Jun 27, 2015
For visual novel readers and anime-only watchers alike, the attraction of the Ufotable-Type Moon pair-up is obvious. Nasu's highly intricate and appealing designs brought to life by Ufotable, who are excellent in visuals and art. This partnership works to great extent but was unfortunately lacking in the other important components such as character development, relatability and execution of the story that are needed to create a compelling narrative.

The problems have mostly to do with the conversion from one medium to another. Visual novels thrive on details, through the use of monologue while anime simply thrives on visual gimmicks. In essence, reading ...
Dec 23, 2014
There is a natural human tendency to be complacent and repeat the same formula over and over again. This includes the Precure franchise with the previous Smile Precure being nothing more than a rehashed Yes5, according to reliable sources. The inability to adapt to a changing world has been the cause of failure of governments, corporations and society. Dokidoki has shown that even a well-established franchise is able to change with the times and cater to Generation Z children who have evolving and different needs.

The first and foremost difference is that the Pink cure, Mana takes a far stronger leadership role in ...
Dec 31, 2013
The SAO: Extra Edition gives the viewer a great chance to re-live the epic storyline of the first season of SAO with the added benefit of seeing it through another perspective. The main characters re-tell the events with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight in a relaxed atmosphere, which serves to further familiarize the viewer with the cast. The flashbacks are well-edited and condensed and this Extra Edition is highly recommended for both newcomers to the franchise and old-timers alike.

The story revolves around Kirito retelling his story to an investigator, giving an insight into his psychological state and thought processes during his time in-game. ...
Dec 23, 2012

Sword Art Online is a pioneer of its genre in that, the source material dates from all the way back in 2002 (.hack// being of the same vintage). This is important to note as with all pioneering feats, there is an initial sense of wonder and hype, followed by disappointment as the same concept is refined and improved upon. To give an example, the Victorians pioneered the underground railway in London, a marvel at its time but it was soon realised that they dug the tunnels too small. The tiny, overcrowded trains of today cannot be appreciated for ...
Jun 30, 2012
TL;DR version: A compelling and highly innovative series in terms of strategy and characterisation but struggles to make its genre identity known. Unexpected genre changes from space combat, to comedy/slice-of-life is seen which is rather unpalatable in the first half. This is rectified in the second half where everything starts falling into place, and a good, clear balance is found. The series is more for those who like deeper thinking and strategy, instead of the average shounen battles.

The story is deep and intriguing, with a wide variety of piracy missions requiring different skills and tactics. What is emphasised greatly is that ...
Jun 23, 2012
Mixed Feelings
This review considers the anime adaptation of Fate Zero (F/Z) Season 2 entirely on its own merit.

TL;DR version: The hotly-anticipated second half of F/Z is disappointing in the sense that it leaves the viewer with more questions than answers with a rushed ending. It is especially frustrating when the first half took meticulous care in covering all the nooks and crannies of the Fate universe. On the plus side, the visuals are excellent and the choreography of some of the action and battles is outstanding.

Which brings us to to the critical flaw, the *execution* of the story. The carefully crafted build-up in ...
Jun 18, 2012
Mixed Feelings
TL;DR version: Not worth watching unless you get enjoyment from girls battling with some good weaponry and/or a huge fan of Nana Mizuki's music.

Symphogear gives us the premise of an alien race that is causing havoc. The only counter to these strange creatures is the Symphogear weapon system which the female protagonists equip themselves for battle. While this formula for a battle anime has been done a countless number of times, what really matters is "how" it is done, rather than the "what". Unfortunately, Symphogear clearly lacks the direction and the refinement seen in other series such as Madoka.

Firstly, there is the ...
Dec 20, 2009
The Sacred Blacksmith is a really mixed bag. This could have been good, with the underlying story being highly interesting. The whole excecution of the story is unfortunately, horrific.

The flaws in the storyline mainly lie with the protagonist. Cecily as the main lead has shown growth but this is unfortunately obscured by her annoying personality. The way her "talk" sequences were done was extremely off-putting, and her jarring voice made things even worse. This links to the lack of a logical flow to the storyline whenever it involves Cecily. One evening, she's in a life-threatening battle, the next day ...
Mar 29, 2009
Mixed Feelings
A fairly enjoyable series which has either been watered down too much, or not enough.

Overall - 6/10

From the Animesuki thread, I read that the manga is more hardcore with blood and depth in comparison with the anime. While I have not read the source material, I can already sense in the anime that things have been watered down to an extent. This has all to do with the series airing at 10am on a Sunday. I feel things are still too hardcore (i.e. targeted at Japanese Otakus) with the constant perv/service/loli references, to be suitable for kids.

On the other hand, the general ...