Jan 22, 2007
OtakuFreak (All reviews)
I started to become a fan of Sergeant Frong (aka Keroro Gunsou) when the manga first came out here in the US. At first I though this was gonna be some manga I wouldn't like but eventually I fell in love with the crazy antics of the Alien space Frog, Keroro. I began to watch the episodes on Youtube and they were just as I expected to be. Though the show seems kiddy like, they have alot of adult themes. It also has sketches within the anime of scenes of many famous Japanese movies and Animes (Gundam the most).

The story begins with Fuyki and Natsumi Hinata find a strange Frog like alien hidding in there home. The siblings capture the alien and scare off the alien invasion leaving behind Keroro, the alien, and his teammates behind. After that, Natsumi puts the little guy to work. Cleaning the house, washing dishes, and so forth. Soon he becomes part of the family, but still plans on taking over the world (which his alien race calls Pokopen).

Keroro soon meets up with all his crazy but interesting friends. Private Tamama, is Keroro's left hand man, always following his orders but has a strange affection for him.Tamam also has a split personallity so better not get on his bad side. Corporal Giroro is a Gun crazy loonatic, which has a crush on Natsumi, also he tries to keep Keroro in line. First Sergeant Kululu is one of Keroro's most dangerous friends. Kululu invents and creates deadly weapons made for the sole task of invading earth. Then there is Corporal Doror (aka Zeroro) which is sometimes ignored by the other group members and has dedicated his life to protecting earth. Then there is Keroro's beloved nephew Moa-Chan, the young woman who is destined to destroy earth but holds back just for her beloved uncle.

Keroro and his friends go on several adventures, and make many attempts to invade earth. They always fail or some how they make things better for humans. But as long as there Gundam models around Keroro's plans to invade earth will be very long indeed.

The story is kinda half assed but it's a good anime none the less. It has many colorful characters and episodes that will make you want to see what crazy antics will he do next. Keroro is not anime you should pass up, since he's become one of Japan's newest anime idle (Next to Gundam that is). So check it out, I'm pretty sure you'll have a laugh or two.