Jul 14, 2012
Shaja (All reviews)
This is a very strange manga, its dark,demonic and filled with questions.

when reading this the premise starts off simple enough but the plot goes in so many directions that you cant predict from first glance. It is a exciting read that leaves you guessing and surprises you at every turn.

what i particularly liked about this manga is that no matter how irrelevant any character or sub plot seemed to the over all progression of the story, you realize at the end how crucial every scene written was crucial to the entire story. It is part mystery,action,romance and a little comedy so its got something for everyone.

The art is amazing, the monsters are fairly unique in appearance with there demonic exo skeletons and fangs and even a mustache or two. The character designs aren't bad they just aren't super detailed and varied. some body types are used a few times and a couple side characters can be easily mistaken but you don't lose track of who is important threw the majority of the plot so its alright.

It is a long story with a very simple sounding goal but the complications of that goal just grow and grow as you read onward and things just seem so out of control at a point you cant wait too see how it ends. 3x3 Eyes is a amazing read and i am so glad i read this after seeing the short lived Ova's that got me hooked on it.