Jul 12, 2012
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After a year of hiatus and a release every 2 months, the manga is officially done.

So your future self sends you a letter and everything that is written happens. It gives you advice that you have to save this guy because he isn't in the future anymore.

I've only read a few mangas but I think this kind of plot is unique. I first started this review 3 years ago and now that it's done, I'm editing it to reflect my view on it.

Since 3 years ago I've read a lot more shoujo than I did before and still, even though yes, there are still cliche moments that would make you want to smack the protagonist, the other gut-wrenching, heartstring-pulling scenes are still enough for you to overlook it. (I mean really, tell me one shoujo manga that doesn't have a single cliche scene in it.)

The story also tackles with time travel and those things but even though she didn't focus on those things, the author got her point across in the end.

Wow. The art. I seriously love the art in this manga. Maybe that's one of the reasons why I enjoy it so much. The characters are drawn beautifully. I have no words for the art except that I'm giving it a 10.

And three years later, the art is still truly exceptional. Takano Ichigo is amazing when it comes to drawing her characters. It's like their personality comes through with what she draws them with.

The characters are really enjoyable and fun. Since it switches from the 16 year old time to the 27 year old time, we could see how they all grew up and how Kakeru changed them. There's only a few chapters out now and already we can see that the characters, especially Naho and Suwa, have the potential to really develop. Also, Kakeru since he has to struggle with a lot of things especially during his teenage years.

My favorite character is Suwa okay. You'll understand once you read it. I love how they all care for each other and how they all work together for their friend. Like what I said before, there would be a time you'd want to smack either of the protagonists, but eh, don't we all have imperfections? Anyway, their group is pretty fun and seeing them interact is pretty fun.

9 for character!

Don't be fooled by the pretty art and the shoujo tag. There's also the Tragedy tag there. By the end of the second chapter, you feel these strings of emotions and come the fourth chapter, you'll be filled with giddiness. 8th chapter, your heart will hurt and at the same time you'll be surprised with the turn of events. The 19th chapter will give you the feels and the 22nd, well. The end's the end. Feel what you want to feel because there won't be anymore chapters.

I'm giving it a 9 for enjoyment.

I'm giving it somewhere between a 9 and a 10 overall. Too high?
I think it can be justified with the art, characters, and unique story line that it has.

This manga is really a refreshing feel even though it's tragedy, maybe it's the art. So if you're looking to read something new that's not your usual shoujo manga (lol cliche line), then pick this up. Just don't blame me when it will hurt so much since there's only a few chapters out and you are smothered with feels.

Maybe I should read the manga from the start again and edit this.