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Aug 25, 2013
Don't Cry, Girl. This title along with its picture got me hooked as soon as I was searching for age-gap romances and when I started reading it, it did not disappoint but the ending is another completely different story.
Basically, the reason why I gave this such a score was that this just had so much potential.


Story: 6 - Fair
The parents kick her out, no reason whatsoever was explained in the manga, even the part about her not crying. (I mean, yes, she got kicked out but I can't easily sympathize since no reason was explained). I like the *green* jokes though, not gonna lie read more
Jun 9, 2013
This anime is like eating a sandwich packed and full to the highest level. It looks good but somehow parts of it fall off and it's a waste.

The start was really good, even the synopsis which is why I expected a lot from this anime, expecting it to be one of the best this season even but somehow even with the cute romance part between Izumiko and Miyuki, the end really failed to leave a satisfying ending.

There's a lot of confusion in my part maybe because I haven't read the LN but that just makes it more reason that the story should be properly explained read more
Jan 1, 2013
Story: 9

The story is simple, thus making it easy to take in. There wasn't much of a big drama or cliche drama. I also love the relationship between Eiko and Moe and how it developed. The pacing is also good, though it was kind of fast in the end. The romance part at the end was also nice and sweet.

Art: 9

The art's also great. I wasn't accustomed to it much at first because it's different from other shoujo mangas, but it's really nice and cute and really makes reading it much fun.

Character: 8

I hated the guy at first, but I love his wittiness or read more
Jul 12, 2012
Orange (Manga) add (All reviews)
After a year of hiatus and a release every 2 months, the manga is officially done.

So your future self sends you a letter and everything that is written happens. It gives you advice that you have to save this guy because he isn't in the future anymore.

I've only read a few mangas but I think this kind of plot is unique. I first started this review 3 years ago and now that it's done, I'm editing it to reflect my view on it.

Since 3 years ago I've read a lot more shoujo than I did before and still, even though yes, there read more