Jun 21, 2012
Meg-nyan (All reviews)
Ahh... Tsuritama. I didn't watch this show until the fifth episode came out so byt ehn I was practically bombarded with praise and gifs of the show showing off how amazing it was. So I decided to give it a try.

The beginning of the story made me feel so confused. All I understood was that there was a red haired awkward boy who was constantly followed around by an annoying white-haired self-proclaimed alien with a talking fish. However, as time passed on and more episodes were watched, everything became clear and the plot revealed itself. However, Tsuritama is so much more than that. It's about a group of misunderstood outcasts who bond together over the hobby of fishing and understand the true meaning of friendship.

The art absolutely captivated me. When I first watched Tsuritama, the colorful bright array of colors was one of the only reasons I kept on watching. Enoshima was beautifully designed and colored to make it seem like a wonderful, peaceful place to live; and when the emotion of the story became hostile, they used the correct setting and colors to represent it. The character art isn't super gorgeous, but it's better than most animes out there.

The music used in the story fit each setting in the story perfectly. Its upbeat songs set the mood perfectly and sometimes it really pumped you up and sucked you in the anime even more. It can range from happy, to emotional, to an adventurous-type song. Even the sounds of the sea were realistic. If you closed your eyes, you could imagine yourself to be standing right next to the ocean.

Tsuritama oozes character development. The show does not really take in the time to get the complete background of the characters, but it gives you just enough to make you feel like they're on of your friends. Each one experiences some form of emotional growth, whether it's realizing how important family is to learning the virtues and friendship. The characters and their relationships absolutely touched my heart.

In the beginning, Tsuritama gave me mixed feelings but now it's touched me in so many ways and makes me appreciate the bonds I have with people even more. I implore you all to try out the anime; just watch a few episodes and you'll understand all of the praise that I have for it. Thank you.