Feb 7, 2012
ray357 (All reviews)
“There are only inevitabilities and accidents in the world and what you’re going to do, but nothing will happen if you only wish for it however wishing is the first step to achieving your dream!!”

I'm pretty sure many people has comes across this line at least once when a decision had to be made that determine which path to take, “I have no idea on what I want to do!" and that the things you are doing presently aren't exactly fulfilling what really you want. You are only doing them to fulfill other people's expectations of you!

This story is a very exquisite piece of work that comes across with a philosophical message. People behave very differently and they constantly changing their mind depending on their experiences or memories. Decisions aren’t easy things to initiate because no one can account for what will be in store for them in their future. This story shows the perspective of 3 selected male individuals deciding on what they should do when a serious decision needed to be made. However what they do share in common is that they all feel that something is missing in their lives and this story shows how they find this missing piece when they each encounter the female protagonists. However not everyone can adapt to the sudden changes in ones environment, thus having mental breakdowns/ despair on what they should do next. The art style and sequence of colors and frames really capture the emotions of the character during each scene. The artist also incorporates various sceneries using them as motifs and messages. I find that point shine the most in the entire anime.

The artwork is very comely, the art styles of each character are drawn in very easy on the eyes, and no characters were exaggerated. The colors especially gave the most tone to each character’s story(s). Sometime it varies in color mixed with abstract symbols and sketches which defines the mood of the characters. Like sometime it goes black and white to create a lonesome/ troubling effect and immediately fill with colors when their mood changes. Like yellow for happy and blue for sad.
The music inserted really emphasizes or deepen the mood/feeling of the situation and I find it very captivating.

Honestly, the structure of this story is placed very nicely, like how they incorporate 3 main protagonists with their own princess that they need to save really change the audience’s viewpoint. Each protagonist has their situation, each more devastating than the next, however they are linked on the message that all three different story contributed to.
This anime is a tragic, sad yet very beautiful piece. To be honest this is my 3rd time re-watching it and I still like it. I highly recommend this anime to the anime fan who love a good romantic drama. Hope you enjoy it!!

“Put your memories into wishes you don’t want to forget”