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Feb 28, 2012
Maji de Watashi ni Koii Shinasai

Are you a person who likes surprises?? Well you’ll be surprise if you got through with watching this anime!
This anime is something else. The first episode really builds you up, give everyone false hope and then it became disappointing. It was action pack and really interesting because they started with a battle. I thought it may continue like this and so I went on but I was wrong. The female characters all having this crush on the male protagonist, well it is a harem but it look like the females really desire the male’s affection. To sum that desire it read more
Feb 17, 2012
Have you ever wonder when you enter a new school, that you might have some trouble making new friends? Well I for one get that sometime, but if your school have a club for specifically making friends, would you join?

Yes it is a harem romantic comedy. However this has a better balance of romance and comedy than most romantic comedy. This anime is a lot like Baka to test to Shoukanjuu. A group of friends hanging out doing stupid activities together and one person usually acts as the “fool.” Plus it’s also like lucky star, where the anime shows the random events/ activities and read more
Feb 12, 2012
“Maken Ki” a very pure made anime focusing on fan service.

For all those harem, ecchi fanatic out there this is your anime to watch. This anime is full of scenes where the ecchi-ness reaches its peak. Ranges from accidently walking into the room where the girl is changing to clothing getting shredded by fighting matches. Yes, this anime is action based as the source of the fan service. I’m not saying there are no storyline, but it would’ve been better if the story was more developed. This may not be like Ikki Tousen or Tenjou Tenge because it’s fighting scene isn’t smooth; it’s more read more
Feb 11, 2012
Mashiro-Iro Symphony

“White” -a pure and unstained color but could be dyed by any other color.

The title of this anime can be translated as “Pure White Symphony.” I agree with the author to go with this title. It’s a very suitable title for such a pure, innocent anime. The story is rather simple, our male protagonist usually encounters with our heroine and many other female companions.
However, it seem like this anime was written by two different scriptwriter.. This anime seem to be split into two where in the first part of the anime, the producers focused on one heroine and then on the second read more
Feb 8, 2012

Future? A unknown phenomenon that occurs after the present moment. You’ll never know what might be in store for you so the only thing you must do is gather your courage and determination and march forward!!

If you have watch the prequel of this story then you will not be disappointed however have you ever wonder who was the girl with the blue hair was. She always appears when the main characters are in a slump, troubled on what to do next. Exactly who and what is she? a deity? a ghost? She appears and then disappears without a trace. Also who was Himura, read more
Feb 7, 2012
“There are only inevitabilities and accidents in the world and what you’re going to do, but nothing will happen if you only wish for it however wishing is the first step to achieving your dream!!”

I'm pretty sure many people has comes across this line at least once when a decision had to be made that determine which path to take, “I have no idea on what I want to do!" and that the things you are doing presently aren't exactly fulfilling what really you want. You are only doing them to fulfill other people's expectations of you!

This story is a very exquisite piece of work read more
Feb 6, 2012
If you were given the 2 choices whether its to rebel and take on the entire world or surrender and remain powerless? What would you do? In any case scenario you must consider the advantages and disadvantages to both sides before coming to a conclusion. Well if you a person who likes a rational discussion and historical drama then this is for you. T
This particular anime starts of with a set up of the main plot. Of course i was confusion as hell, and i watching each episode twice get the gist of the idea but of course i was very unique. This piece is read more
Feb 2, 2012
If one day some beautiful girl suddenly appear in front of you and told you, you have the power to fix the evil released into the world, would you do it??

Well then if you like a simple, cutesy romantic comedy then I recommend this one for you. Here is your typical romantic comedy anime, where you have a average high school boy encounters a sudden appearance of a goddess who came out of nowhere and changed his life.
This is a typical harem romantic comedy, there isn't much to say about this piece. We have of course the main lead, Yuuri, like all male characters in read more
Jan 31, 2012
Well truth to be told, if you are reading this.. then you've probably watched season one and anxious to see what season two is about. Well season one is started out pretty good. Starting with a fighting scene on the very first episode really hooks you in. However that is how this entire franchise is going to be like.

I can see how it's very allure to watch this anime with all the suspense they give you and the mystery provided. Like how at the end of season one, many mystery has not yet been solve, which cause many more question. Season one was pretty read more
Jan 26, 2012
If you are given an opportunity to change your life completely, would you go for it? This story is about a timid and shy boy grasping his fate of living underground and drill it through toward the sky!! With the help of his sworn brother and the people he meet along the way.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann captivates the essence of an anime. It combines many different genres and incorporates it into a single anime. It is a piece of work unlike any other and it could get you from feeling all pumped up to all "tingly" inside in an instance. Although that is its strong read more