Feb 7, 2012
alidan (All reviews)
i want to give my impressions on the manga...

the first 4 chapters are immaculate... funny as hell, without being to stupid
chapter 5 is when the teacher comes in... really funny first time... but lacks on a re read
6-9 progressively worse each chapter... cumulating in no ending.

the story is just not there... its a start point for the random... i hope that makes sense.

the art is great for this style of manga

i love the characters... besides the teacher

the first 4 chapters are among the best i have ever read in a comedy manga and the last 4 are easily the worst. the teacher character, after the first chapter is just tedious... and unnecessary... he/she really ruined the manga for me, and absolutely killed the last 3 chapters specifically

10 for the first 4
8 for 5 and 6
3 for 7
2 for 8
1 for 9

my over all enjoyment of this is based on chapter 1-6... which honestly are that good that i recommend reading it solely on that alone.