Jan 21, 2012
Onidere (Manga) add (All reviews)
alidan (All reviews)
guy who is soft, girl who is delinquent, they date, its a secret, hijinks ensue... that sums the whole thing up.

story wise, don't look for anything substantial.
the art fits the story better than anything else they could have done
the characters, are interesting... they have some amount of depth and evolution considering this manga is presented in a step above 4 panel gag manga.

but my enjoyment of this manga hinges on the fast that i love go nowhere gag manga stories, so long as they aren't things like bobobo bobo bobobobo

if you can handle a story where there is no real story on a chapter to chapter basis, than this is great. if you can handle random curve balls, even better.

and even if you dont like them, you have to be truly jaded to not at least like this enough to read to completion.