Oct 3, 2022
As a preface, I'm a guy who likes a good clean uplifting romance more than any other genre. I want the romance aspect front and center with a good story. I can take some depressing drama and even borderline NTR but only in moderation. The stories I go for don't necessarily have to be unique and without typical tropes as long as the presentation is great.

Having said that, this manga was great. And because of the whole premise, the pace was quite energetic. Something relevant was always happening to push character development so I never got a slice of life feel in it, and I'm not complaining at all. Each episode enthralled me and had me binge the whole thing in just a few hours. There were some situations where it got uncomfortable to borderline painful for me, but not for too long as I feel the author was intentionally being careful not to overmarinate the reader with that sour feeling.

Who would this story be good for? If you're having insecurities with who you are, or if you're being hardheaded about "changing yourself", this would be perfect for you. Everything is a compromise in life. Basically, it's saying you need to love yourself for who you are, but you also need to love yourself enough to be willing to change for the better.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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