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Apr 19, 2023
A non-traditional romance because it barely counts as romance. I don't want to spoil too much but the "twist" seems trivial and anticlimactic. Despite that, the humor is good and the story is interesting enough.

The characters themselves were convincing and distinct enough from each other. The MC first of all is confident, but not a ladies' man. He's a loner by choice but he is proud about it and is NOT socially retarded. The three other supporting girls are refreshing as well as they're not your token harem girls either. T

As for the writing, the humor is punchy. The perspective switches can be confusing at ...
Mar 22, 2023
Preliminary (29/? chp)
Reading the description gave me the impression of West Side Story, where it's two lovers against the world, or some overly dramatic romance, or even one of those borderline ecchi manga where it's an alpha guy seducing the girl.

It's none of those.

Instead, what you get is just a simple yet beautiful story. The devil is in the details, and if you've already read a lot of manga, I can tell you that the story here paves its own paths in its own special way. You won't be disappointed if you remember that these characters are still technically kids. If you're an adult and self-insert yourself ...
Nov 8, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Most have already expressed their opinions about the series itself.

Initially, I would give this series an 8/10. It's simple, and it's clear that it never intended to be more than that. But a simple story by itself will not warrant a 10/10, hence the initial 8/10.

But then we see the main guy, Hajime, and this series goes down to 6. I absolutely hate the character. He has no redeeming traits all throughout. He is just constantly rude. He's smart, but that actually counts against him because of how inconsiderate he is with other people. Granted, he's just a high school boy, but he is a ...
Oct 30, 2022
Preliminary (7/39 chp)
I am fine with the most absurd core premises. But what I can't abide by are the ridiculous and unbelievably MORONIC paths that some mangaka take from there.

How am I supposed to believe that a character could be so IDIOTIC to think his life is doomed when he kills a guy in what clearly is self-defense? And this happens TWICE in the first 6 chapters. You have at least one witness on both events that can attest to it. And in one occurrence, it happens while INSIDE THE DEFENDANT'S OWN HOME! How retarded can a character be to send away the ONLY WITNESS that he ...
Oct 28, 2022
Preliminary (17/115 chp)
I have to say this is the most fun series I've ever had the pleasure of reading, and I'm only 17 chapters into it.

Yes, a girl like Miton in real life would be hell. She is psycho cranked up to 12. But to be clear, the presentation here isn't dark at all but funny as fuck!! It is so incredibly absurd that literally every chapter has made me chuckle to no end.

There doesn't seem to be an overarching plot here, yet. It's just simple, cracked-up fun so far.

The characters are, yes, one dimensional, but they are all equally hilarious.

The art is simplistic, but then again ...
Oct 25, 2022
I couldn't wait to finish this whole series just so I can rant on the single thing that dragged this series down from a 9 to a 7.

First, the story is simple enough. Pure luck favors the MC when an accident happens that lets him make a connection to the talented, beautiful, and kind FMC. From there, they slowly build their relationship from friends to something more. There are also two side couple stories which really aren't that interesting.

I found all the characters here satisfying, or at the very least, tolerable. Except one. The fucking MC. Yuuto has got to be one of the most ...
Oct 25, 2022
Mixed Feelings
This manga started out interesting enough. But towards the middle, it felt like it didn't know what to do with its characters. Or maybe the only character that I found interesting in the end is the MC, and he isn't even that interesting. If the other characters had less presence and were clearly made to be just in the background, it would have been better so the story had more focus on the two main characters. But for some reason, they gave the other characters a whole lot more "screen time" which in the end actually revealed how shallow and indistinct they are. The FMC ...
Oct 24, 2022
Super diligent and organized MC gets entangled with the very free-spirited FMC. They influence each other throughout the story and gradually change into better versions of themselves. It's not the most original concept, but the way it got executed was exceptional for me.

The dialogue is strong and lean, as well as energetically paced. No walls of pointless text to decipher. A very easy and pleasant read.

The art is par, nothing too special, but still better than average.

The characters aren't too interesting except for the two main ones.

The story itself was engaging. Humor is smarter than average and doesn't go for the typical cheap manga antics. ...
Oct 23, 2022
Preliminary (6/41 chp)
This is a complete antithesis of the pathetic MC trope who constantly gets manipulated and seduced by a gyaru.

Instead, the MC is confident and straightforward. The female MC's attempts to wrap the MC around her fingers falls flat every single time. But he's not some generic ikemen. He is still technically a lovestruck guy, and his face still somehow looks like a typical, shy MC, except for his ripped body. He is in completely in love with the FMC, but that is the only thing he is unwilling to admit. For everything else, like threats to kiss and hug and be close to each other, ...
Oct 21, 2022
Preliminary (89/125 chp)
It's rare to find a series with plenty of reviews where every single one recommends it. After reading up to chapter 89, I am not at all surprised. I'm also surprised that this doesn't have a "Romance" tag here in MAL.

The core here is simple. Two people find something in common (insomnia) and bond through that. But later, they each open up about why they have insomnia, their bond becomes deeper through their experiences, and the dynamic of their relationship changes.

The slice of life presentation here is easy to skim through. No text spam, and the art is gorgeous. Isaki is the second 2D girl ...

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