Feb 5, 2022
Is it really that hard to make a manga about humanity fighting against monsters and then actually keep it being about humanity fighting against monsters?

Look, I understand how tempting it is to go the “humans bad too” route. Betrayals, deranged individuals, abuse of authority, abuse of strength, government being useless and perfectly okay with sacrificing common citizens, I’m not saying it’s not realistic, I’m saying it’s boring to get this very shallow take when you could instead get cool monster fights. Is it too much to ask for to have a story about an alien threat and the focus not being on infighting between humans? I mean, the whole finale is fight between humans, technically, which makes the conclusion very underwhelming and non-concluding, not to mention putting one of the most obnoxious characters in a big spotlight.

Talking about characters, the protagonists get shifted without much warning through the story, not giving much conclusion to the previous one and not giving much introduction to the new one, so you quickly learn to just not care. As usual with horror manga, the secondary characters are mostly just folder to kill off, so don’t expect much fun there too.

One thing that’s great though is the art and design of the monsters. The design is creative and the art is detailed. It’s pretty much the only aspect that makes the manga still readable. I only with the monsters appeared more often, especially in later parts of the manga.

One benefit is also that there’s not much dialogue, so although it’s 21 volumes long, you can actually read through it quite quickly.

Overall, it’s a generic monster apocalypse manga with above average art.
Reviewer’s Rating: 5
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