Aug 29, 2011
lisnoire (All reviews)
Five Numbers is an anime version of the kind of short story we used to get in Science Fiction anthology magazines - a group of people tossed together in an unfamiliar and/or hostile environment trying to figure out where they are, why they are there, and how the hell they are going to get somewhere else. There is little time to get to know characters and every nuance counts. And there's the problem. Five Numbers is a good story but all the nuances and titillating hints miss the mark just enough to make you feel there could have/should have been something more.

It's single biggest flaw is character design and the animation of human movement. Stiff, awkward, and generally unattractive. I think perhaps it is so distracting that you just can't develop any kind of feeling for the characters. All the background art and mechanicals were quite lovely, though.
I didn't pay much attention to the sound so it must have been o.k. I did find the ending song fun and wonderfully ironic.

Again, I'll say it isn't a bad story and if you stay as hungry for something passably close to hard science fiction as I do, you will find it a good way to spend less than an hour.