Sep 17, 2021
Usually in your typical Vampire stories, you always see Vampires having a lust for human blood but in this Anime, it isn't that kind of story at all. It's very clear that the Author has taken as many risks as she can to avoid using the same old formula or tropesto make her story feel special and I have a huge respect for the new and unique direction she's taken which she easily makes to my top 5 favorite Authors of all time.

For some reason, I'm a sucker when it comes to the 19th Century style setting. Usually because of the way their clothing are. It honestly makes me quite intrigued and it makes me imagine that I went right back to the past. At first, it was the synopsis that intrigued me the most to watch the Anime. I was so excited to see Vanitas as an antagonist of the show until when the author subverted my expectations. I thought about it, as the story that states in the synopsis is just a folklore and it to be completely accurate would just make the world building more unbelievable and silly and so I liked the new direction the author has taken and, it also allowed for the characters to perform their own actions rather than being controlled by the plot. That's what makes this anime quite special.

Vanitas no Karte is not the kind of anime that you see in a modern shounen. In My hero academia, in just one episode you know it's the story about Deku becoming the #1 hero, in Black clover, you know it's a story about Asta becoming the Wizard King so on and so forth. But it's not the same with Vanitas no Karte. You won't know what it's about in the first episode itself but rather, certain new things and world building will be explained as the story progresses. The way they introduced the world of the Vampires was also a job well done. I like how they didn't introduce it like a grand way. It just....exists like any other normal world.

Some people say that this show lacks in direction and makes it boring but to me, that's what makes it so interesting. The lack of direction is what makes me want to ask more questions regarding the show and therefore making it quite unpredictable. The story is done in a subtle way so you have to pay attention to every detail you can as they are important to the world building of the story some way or the other.

Even if it is more of a plot driven story, the author certainly hasn't forgotten it's characters as they are the most important in order for the story to be engaging. Every characters we meet have their own kind of a lovable personality and have their own charm. I really love the dynamic, Vanitas and Noe have. Feels wholesome and doesn't feel forced as Noe was told by his teacher to assess the book of Vanitas and to see for himself "The true character of Vanitas" so it only makes sense for him to team up.

I think the main reason why the Duo of Vanitas and Noe stands out so much is because they have constant conflicts with each other unlike other battle shounen where you see the Main character always supporting his friend but Vanitas and Noe ain't like that. They hold and stick to each of their own ideals and beliefs and that makes them even more interesting and they don't feel cliched at all.

I feel like Roland will be an interesting character. I definitely feel like he's planning something up ahead. He could be an interesting sub-antagonist for Vanitas but I don't think that'll happen.

It really sucks in the department of art style while it is truly a banger when it comes to the Animation Department. Most of the time the anime shows background or landscapes rather than actual character interaction. The characters do interact but sometimes, they don't even show their faces when they are talking especially in big fight scenes. What Bones don't realize is that, character interactions while showing their facial expressions is much more important than showing off their beautifully drawn landscapes and backgrounds.

I'm quite disappointed with Jeanne's character to be honest. "The Hellfire Witch" sounded something like she's important but in the end, she just turned out to be another waifu bait who serves no importance to the main story I also don't think there is a potential to the character development of Jeanne and I really hope the upcoming arcs prove me wrong and the way she blushes so hard literally looks like I'm watching a Hentai. Though, I can see in the last couple of episodes the build up to her character development is definitely happening so I'm looking forward to that.

Noe's personality was also poorly done. It's so unbelievable how he is perfectly fine today when he has experienced so much trauma in his childhood. It would've been more interesting if he currently had trauma and Vanitas or Domi or even both (preferably Domi because she knows him better than anyone else) would help him overcome his trauma and not only it would make it more interesting, it would also help to build up the relationship of Domi and Noe. It would've been so sweet and also cute.

I'm also disappointed with the way how the chibi comedy is placed at the most inappropriate of times. I should've thought Bones would take this direction since they also did the same with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood taking away for God knows how many special and most important, memorable moments the characters could've had but this Anime looked so mature that I never thought they would use it at all. At this point, if the series was titled as Chibi no Karte or Vanitas no Chibi then I wouldn't have been bothered by the title at all.

For now, this Anime is like a 7-8/10 as this is just the first season but pretty amazing how this got me intrigued so much in just 12 episodes and I'd recommend it to everyone who are into Vampire themed series. There are some things I'm expecting in the upcoming arcs though
Focus on Luka and Jeanne's background
Focus on Jeanne's background, how she turned weak so much
Focus on Jeanne's character development, really hoping to see that.
It will suck if I don't see all of them happening in the upcoming arcs but I'm just hoping for the best! I'm looking forward to review the second cour as well.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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